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Germany reintroduces Apartheid

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This government's most brutal broken promise

Wolfgang Kubicki, vice chairman of the German liberal political party FDP (Freie Demkraten), strongly criticizes the fascist policy of the German government.

Criticism has been directed at the federal Ministry of Health's plans for further corona requirements in the coming months and an end to free corona tests. Paris Vice-President Wolfgang Kubicki accused the federal government of breaching the word in Bild newspaper. (source)

In terms of purpose and effect, it comes down to a direct obligation to vaccinate if the government excludes unvaccinated people from social life.

Jens Spahn (CDU) has scheduled a mask requirement until next year. A ministry report sent to the federal states and the Bundestag and owned by the Frankfurt Allgemeine states that further corona requirements are needed to contain another large wave of infections. Due to the advanced vaccination campaign, protective measures may be more moderate than last autumn and winter.

Jens Spahn (CDU)

Overt medical apartheid and discrimination against the German government

In other words, we start all over again. Lockdowns, masks, extra vaccines, we can dream it, it is so predictable for people who want to think further.

On 10 August, Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) will consult with the Prime Minister about how to proceed in the p(l)andemia.

Ministry report mentions continued adherence to hygiene measures and the need to wear medical protective mask “until spring 2022”, especially in local and long-distance transport and retail, “for everyone, including those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered.”

Comedy capers, wouldn't it be so serious.

And it is serious because: "Therefore, regardless of the incidence, from early/mid-September 2021, participation in certain events across Germany should generally only be possible if the 3G rule (3G: vaccinated, recovered or tested) is observed.", the report said.

This includes sports and indoor events as well as large indoor and outdoor events.

Pure medical apartheid. Pure discrimination. A gross crime against humanity. People who want to enter this earn nothing more than life.

I don't say: the death penalty, because I'm against it. I think the death penalty is too easy a way out. I want to see those people in black and white striped suits with cuffs around their Devil ankles.

Well, it's not there yet.

Wolfgang Kubicki

Kubicki said: “The announcement that it plans to ban unvaccinated people from visiting restaurants in the future is the most brutal and devastating breach of word by this federal government , who has repeatedly vowed that there will be no mandatory vaccination in Germany. This breach of word outweighs the disproportionate nature of this impending vaccination obligation.”

The FDP politician also questioned why the federal government's plan applies to restaurants but not to talk shows, CDU party conventions, or corporate rallies.

It all seems wonderful, but as long as this man also remains in the base of the lie, namely that a PCR test detects a so-called "Covid19" infection, there will be no solution. And this man lingers in that lie.



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