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Ghanaian spits and punches blonde purser Brussels Airlines

A video is shared on social media and by The Sun of an 'incident' between a passenger and a purser on a Brussels Airlines flight.

The man is said to have spat the female purser in the face, then a scuffle followed and she was beaten hard.

According to one Carmen Moore, the wife of the perpetrator who filmed the incident and shared it on Facebook, the enraged man had an argument with two fellow passengers who did not allow his mother-in-law to have elbow room.

When the cabin crew intervened, he went completely crazy.


Brussels Airlines informs Aviation News that the incident occurred last week on flight SN290 from Accra (Ghana) to Brussels:

"After the unfortunate dispute, involving several passengers, the African calmed down and eventually apologized for his behavior."

"We spoke with the relevant staff member to see how we can prevent these kinds of situations from escalating in the future."said a spokeswoman for the company, adding that there is increasing aggression on flights.

“In recent years we have seen an increase in the number of restless or aggressive passengers on board. We have therefore made extra efforts to train our crew to deal with these difficult situations. ”

The incident

The African, his wife and family returned from vacation. The man complained to the flight attendant about two other men who were both sitting next to his mother-in-law and, according to him, were not holding their elbows well enough.

Since the purser did not immediately do something about the elbow situation, the Ghanaian shouted: 'I'm going to beat the shit out of you!' en 'Shut the fuck up!'

Then he spat her in her face.

According to the wife, the flight attendant would have slapped the African on the cheek. That's why the Ghanaian knocked her to the ground. Meanwhile, the wife screamed like a pig for police because 'this is not right !!“This, she said, was… racism, of course.

Male aviation personnel jumped to calm the passenger, allegedly breaking ribs.



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