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Great Britain: 4.000 women suffer from menstrual problems after Covid jab

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4.000 women suffer from menstrual problems after their Covid jab.

It's shocking how casually certain media bring this about.

For example, Business Insider headlines with: Of the 22 million vaccinated in the UK, 4.000 people have menstrual symptoms. A midwife says there is no cause for alarm. (source)

This is just one of many side effects and completely unnecessary for anyone under 70 and the vaccine is enforced by governments and companies. All consequences of this ineffective and dangerous injection are dismissed as: “It's not that bad.

How can one dismiss that as harmless when one has no idea what this vaccine will do in the short term and also not in the long term? You can say it. There is no interest whatsoever from the governments or the media.

Where are the questions why this is? Where do these complaints come from? There's something quite disrupted in a lot of bodies by this vaccine, isn't it?

How can the vaccine for menstrual complaints give? And so soon? What does this do in the long run? They don't have the answer to that. And so they have to stop because they are literally killing and maiming people.

Spike protein travels to breast milk and uterus and harms mother and fetus

The inventor of mRNA technology, Dr. Malone and his colleague Dr. Bridle have already indicated that in the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines the generated spike proteins go to all organs. Including to breast milk and the fetus. But these men, the people you should ask, are not just not allowed to speak. They are also directly censored by Google and YouTube.

Quote from Dr. bridle:

“MRNA (Pfizer, Moderna) adenoviral (JNJ AZ) generated SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein travels to the brain, heart and lungs causing damage and bleeding, passes into breast milk, ovaries and harms the mother and the fetus.” We didn't know it was so dangerous."

“Instead of staying at the injection site in the shoulder, the spike protein often becomes biologically active and circulates in the bloodstream.”

“As a result, the spike protein settles in large amounts in critical organs and tissues.” 

Full article on Dr, Malone, Dr. Bridle and Dr. Vanden Bossche with videos:

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Sick Spirits Cause Innocent Victims

Britons who have received the vaccine are only warned that they could get a sore arm, feel tired, sore or sick, or get a headache, but irregularities in menstruation are not mentioned on the list of possible side effects.

This is therefore false because what they are not told but what they should know is that more than 15 thousand people died in Europe and one and a half million side effects from minor side effects to paralysis. Everyone has that right because it is about his or her body. It is then up to the person himself whether he still wants to take it by weighing things up against each other.

Don't forget to take into account that many people do not report their complaint, or do not know where to report it. This report is more than a month old. The actual numbers are already higher.

You should check. The vaccine has not been approved by the FDA. It has never been tested for long-term side effects. It has not been tested on animals. There are casualties on all sides and some hired “expert” says the UK drug regulators' vaccination data so far suggest no 'increased risk' of menstrual disorders or unexpected bleeding. (source)

And even worse:

“It's important to remember that these side effects are mild and should not deter women from getting the vaccine when called upon.” (source)

Just get in line, folks. It can't stop you despite 1.5 million injured and 15.000 dead. If you sputter you will be framed as a “leper”.

Do they really not realize that they are committing crimes they will never get out of?

At the moment as many people as possible are being injected with that poison and people die every day and because of that shot and one and a half million injured people have been reported due to short-term side effects. Long-term? No idea.

At the moment almost no one dies from corona and the flu is gone. But day after day, people are dying and getting injured by shots that don't work and don't make any sense. We only have to do one thing: protect our elderly over 70 and vulnerable people with diseases (just as we did with the gone flu). Well, there are other ways to do that than destroying lives for a year and a half, right?

A young woman of 0 does not need a shot for that, with the risk of the craziest side effects or even death. Not??

These are the official figures:

Put that next to hugo the youngster with his PRIKPLAYLIST:

""He is here! By popular request: the Prikplaylist 💉. Now on Spotify, curated by you. The soundtrack to all your summer vacations from 1987 to 2003 in one list. For when you have to wait fifteen minutes after your shot at the GGD or when you are on your way to the South of France or Italy with your vaccination certificate.”

On the tallest tree.


Shall we give them a shot?

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