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Greece imposes strict rules on unvaccinated people, stops free testing

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The Greek Health Minister Vassilis Kikilias on Tuesday announced a new package of public health measures for those who have not been vaccinated against the virus. CCP virus .

Health care and nursing home workers who COVID-19- refuse a vaccine, will be suspended from September 1.

From September 13 to March 31, the health minister announced that any private and public sector worker without a certificate proving vaccination or recovery from the so-called voris in the past six months will have to undergo one rapid test per week. Taken from the pot and get to work with it seriously too.

Two tests per week are required for those working in academia, tourism, restaurants, cafes, bars and in television, film, theater and music productions.

In addition, effective September 13, the government will also stop providing free COVID-19 tests and charge 10 euros (about $12) for a rapid test – a significantly high amount for workers in some of these sectors in a country hit by an economic crisis.

So there will also be a lot of cashing on the tests.

Kikilias also said indoor restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs and entertainment venues are only open to those who have been vaccinated or recently recovered, with checks at the entrance via an app that scans the certificates to verify them.

Masks are mandatory for everyone, both vaccinated and unvaccinated, in indoor public areas and in crowded outdoor areas.

Those who do not comply with the new measures will be punished, including suspension from work, not attending schools or a travel ban.

The set of rules was announced when Kikilias said hospital records from the past two months show that about 90 percent of patients in Greek ICUs for the CCP virus have not been vaccinated.

“Unlike last year in the fall, when humanity faced COVID-19 with no defenses other than the well-known defenses, each of us can protect ourselves and others this fall.” said Kikilias at a press conference at the Ministry of Health on Tuesday.

“These measures are not punitive”, he added. “It is our duty to all those who have diligently endured 18 months of the pandemic, those who have lost their shops and jobs and had to work from home to protect themselves.”

Isn't it wonderful if you dare to say that shamelessly? They're just frightening, but they'll figure it out. That totalitarian dream of theirs is not going to come true. Never!

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

From NTD News


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