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Greece protects Europe with heavy guns

Greece closes its borders and uses the army with helicopters and naval ships to defend itself against the invasion of immigrants.

This is due to the escalation between the Syrian army supported by Russia and the Turkish regime. Greece has completely closed the border with Turkey.

The Greek government has deployed 50 naval warships and 10 helicopters to protect the Greek Islands against the invasion of immigrants released by Erdogan.  (source)

Greek border - Refugees chased away with tear gas

These drastic measures are due to Turkey opening its borders to Europe for millions of migrants.

Turkey has not officially made a statement yet, but many journalists have already discovered that these borders have already been opened and migrants can move further into Europe. (source)

The Turkish coast guard, border guards and the police have been instructed not to intervene. (source)

This message from the Turkish journalist Ragip Solyu, in which he reports that the borders will be open for 72 hours for anyone who wants to enter the continent of Europe. (source)

There are several videos on Twitter that show how male migrants clash with Greek border guards and security services.

All this happens just a few days after Greece announced that it would build even more relief camps on the Greek islands of Lesbos and Chios. The residents put a stop to that and massively rebelled.

See here the article from last week about that:

Major riots in Greece due to even more migrants

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