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Greeks, Bulgarians and Citizens stand firm against migrant invasion

The Greeks, and now also the Bulgarians, bravely stand against the invasion of migrants, aided by the Turkish authorities.

Although the Greek border guard is being attacked by Turkish agents, the border remains intact.

The border guard is assisted by 4.000 citizens in its fight against a hostile (fellow) NATO member state.

And Bulgaria also shows its teeth.

They have, at the request of the Greeks, opened a dam to prevent migrants from crossing the Evros river. Opening the Ivaylovgrad Dam causes the water in the river to rise. (source)

In the meantime, the battle at the border continues. The conversations with Erdogan have yielded nothing. The European Union is setting up a smokescreen of hope with beautiful words but no actions.

Erdogan seems to be in charge for the time being and has clearly stated all his demands. The EU can only speak of "A good start for political normalization." (source)

Here you can see a live map of the migration crisis along the Greek and Bulgarian borders with Turkey.

The situation on the Greek border looks like one at night Apocalyptic Film according to BasedPoland:

4000 Greek citizens patrol the border

Armed Turkish agent cuts a hole in the Greek border:

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