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Greeks have new weapon against migrants and Turks

Greek security services have found a new weapon in their fight against migrants and Turkey, NATO's ally, who help migrants to enter Europe criminally. (source)

Because Greece is completely abandoned by the EU, it depends on individual countries standing up to come to the rescue and is lucky to be able to count on the full support of Greek citizens.

For days, Greek security services have also been pelted with Molotov cocktails and tear gas provided by the Turks.
See this article:

The Greeks have also accused Turkey of the fact that the Turkish police themselves are also actively fighting against the Greek security services. (source)

Despite all these setbacks and despite the negligence of the cowardly European Union (von der Leyen would visit Wednesday but canceled due to the Corona virus (source)

New weapon: Huge fans!

Huge fans are now deployed to ward off the tear gas attacks from the Turks and migrants. These are normally used to train paratroopers but now seals are used on jeeps and deployed at the borders.

And it works!

Michalis Chrisochoidis, Greece's Minister of Civil Security, continues to accuse Turkey of using the migrants as a pawn. (source)


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