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HALSEMA allows Amsterdammers to EVER pay for Muslims

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Femke Halsema allows the 'very vulnerable families' to stay in holiday parks at the expense of the Amsterdam taxpayer during the corona crisis.

In the holiday bungalows located in a beautiful green area, families could recover from the corona stress.

"We hope to be able to repeat this more often for families in need, the parks are of course corona proof"said Mayor Halsema

Immigrants are often given indents, but the corona crisis offers excellent opportunities to give them an extra advantage.

FINANCIAL SUPPORT is now available for a funeral in the Netherlands for relatives of Muslim Amsterdammers who had bought a grave abroad, but cannot be buried there due to travel restrictions.

That writes Mayor Femke Halsema in a letter to the city council.

"Some SPECIFIC POPULATION GROUPS, including the Muslim community, have a major problem",according to the mayor.

"Many elderly Amsterdammers with an Islamic background have been saving for a long time to buy burial rights abroad, such as Morocco or Turkey."
"But in the event of death, their next of kin cannot use it now because air traffic has largely been halted due to the corona outbreak."

"This causes a lot of EXTRA LEED!", Halsema writes

GroenLinks now wants to financially support the relatives who cannot just cough up the costs of a forced Islamic funeral in the Netherlands, to alleviate the suffering.

For this reason, talks are taking place between the Amsterdam city hall and the Muslim community about the arrival of a cemetery with 'ETERNAL GRAFUST', which removes the need for Muslims to be buried abroad.

There is such a cemetery in Almere, but Amsterdam Muslims do NOT want to be buried in Almere, but in the Amsterdam region.

An average grave, so the grave of Zoete Lieve Gerritje will be cleared within 10 to 20 years, or your next of kin must renew the grave rights, this happens for 10 years each time, provided that around € 10 is paid every 1.900 years.

RIP for a fee but… Amsterdam Muslims will soon be allowed to rest forever in the Dutch clay at your expense.


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