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Hans Janmaat - First “extreme right” politician in the Netherlands

Hans Janmaat from the CD (Center for Democrats).

This was the first politician to address the theme immigration dared to raise an issue in the Netherlands.

Ever since 1982 Hans Janmaat politically active and he ended his political career in 1998. The most remarkable thing is that he remained throughout his career never a racist statement did.

Hans Janmaat had to pay for it with an attack on his entire party in one hotel in Kedichem that was set on fire by left-wing activists. His secretary and wife Will Schuurman lost her leg in this incident.

These were sad times for Janmaat and his party but especially for Dutch history. The way this man has been dealt with is a gross scandal.

Sewn and boycotted by the House of Representatives including by the chairman and journalists of all media. Shown here. Links the Netherlands. What is fascism?  

Wil Schuurman, who was also a Member of Parliament, was not given another room despite her amputated leg and had to stay in the attic room without a lift. The amputated leg was caused by the arson of left-wing protesters. She could jump. Yet… The couple was bullied through the room. Talk about morality and decency.

Hans Janmaat died in 2002 in The Hague

Hans Janmaat. The first politician who dared to discuss immigration in the Lower House.

Watch an interview here a few years ago with the girlfriend of the now deceased Hans Janmaat.

This picture says it all ...

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