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Highlights Thierry Baudet vs. Mark Rutte Iraq debate

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View all interruptions and contributions by Thierry Baudet of the Forum for Democracy during the Iraq debate.

A motion of no-confidence has been submitted against Mark Rutte but it was rejected.

This man will soon go to the climate summit in Madrid to draw at various crosses. Especially Rutte, the VVD and the party cartel draw the Netherlands to the abyss people!

The Netherlands must take action now!

We have set up a nice forum from the beginning that we have made little use of until now. We can adjust the forum as you wish.

Come on the forum and let's unite!

We now have 7.000 subscribers on YouTube have and an average of 3000 unique visitors per day here on this website. And these figures naturally increase every day. We have been working on our site for less than 2 months.

Your contributions are therefore seen and heard. Speak out. Collect. Post videos, messages and opinions. You can count on us to spread your opinion or message via social media!

Open eyes. Let us know what's really going on in the world! This way our sound becomes larger and audible in the Netherlands. And so we will motivate the rest of the population who were fed up with making themselves heard. Use this platform and make an appointment for events and demonstrations.

The bigger we become, the more space we can give to other channels, websites, blogs and people who share the same sound.

We also support parties such as the FvD and the PVV. We need them, but they need us too! They will feel strengthened by us.

We can do enough to make it very difficult for them. 

We can do enough to make it very difficult for them. We will continue to make and post videos. We keep expanding and we will come with more and better content. This platform was set up out of idealism and in opposition to the corrupt media, the cartel and the globalists and not for money. Money is only needed to keep it running and expanding.

Together we can do a lot!

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Spread the freedom!

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