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Hillary Clinton is close friends with Epstein's madam cousin

The sinister network of Epstein and groomer and pimp Ghislaine Maxwell seems endless and is linked to each other and unlikely coincidences.

Michael Bloomberg for example is also in Epstein's infamous little black book.

On page 6 to be precise, his name appears in the diary kept by Epstein's butler.

Bloomberg is also frequently photographed with Ghislaine Maxwell, the companion and ex-mistress of Jeffrey Epstein, the 'twisted' child trafficker who was reportedly found dead in his cell in New York last August.

Bloomberg and Ghislaine Maxwell


Many people think that there is no question of suicide. It seems more like Epstein was eliminated when he was dead at all.

Meanwhile, Ghislaine Maxwell travels around the world flirty and Israel in and out. She has a lot on her notch, but it seems that no cock crows. Although her emails were hacked recently.

The panic among the Elite was thus somewhat deported.

The FBI knows where she is, but is not about to arrest her.

Epstein was a Mossad agent who recorded world leaders on tape having sex with children on Epstein's Little St. James Island in the Caribbean Sea. This 'sex trap' was set by a leader of the Israeli Security Service Ari Ben Menashe.

With the sextapes he blackmailed the globalist elite.

Alexander Djerassi is the cousin of Ghislaine Maxwell.

He was a senior employee of Hillary Clinton and a Middle Eastern specialist. He assisted her with her work in her department and led Clinton on behalf of Friends of the Syrian People and the Friends of Lybia.

Ironically, Hillary Clinton entered the books as the Slaughter of Benghazi.

Recently, Alexander Djerassi, Ghislaine Maxwell's cousin, was spotted again after a long time in the Virgin Islands, a stone's throw from Epstein's sex island, Little St. James Island.

Ghislaine Maxwell's sister and party girl Isabel Maxwell married Dale Djerassi in 1984, the son of the Jewish inventor of the ANTI-CONCEPTION pill Carl Djerassi. After the divorce from Isabel, Dale became an artist. While son Alexander threw himself into politics.

Both are on the board of the Djerassi Resident Artists Program which transferred sums of money to Hillary Clinton to support her political campaigns.

The Ghislaine Maxwell family has close contacts with the Bronfman family. They all came under fire because of this.

The Jewish sisters Clare and Sara Bronfman invested a quarter of a billion dollars in the pedigree and sex-cult NXIVM.

Epstein often helped the Bronfman family look for loopholes in completing their tax forms.

Ghislaine Maxwell's brother-in-law Dale Djerassi regularly organizes gallery exhibitions. Including the blasphemous art exhibition called the 'Saint Batman Crucifixion'.

The Crucifixion of Saint Batman had the aim of 'Christian-bashing': the deliberate offense of Christians through heavy blasphemy.

There were many photos of a very naked 'Christ' wearing a Batman mask, who is nailed to the cross naked by Dale Djerassi and another man.

There were also photos of a naked Batman Jesus falling with a large cross on his back during the Crusade while Djerassi looks on with a smile.

The St.Batman crucifixion was shown at the Dale Djerassi Foundation in Woodside, California.

The Dale Djerassi Foundation is now called the Djerassi Residents Artist Program and was and is funded by American TAX through the National Education Association (NEA)

Hillary Clinton is close friends with the Djerassie clan.

Satanistic art of friends Hillary Clinton sponsored with tax money


She and her friend Suzie Thompkins Buell organized a fundraiser to raise money for Hillary's campaign.

Blasphemer and artist Dale Djerassi also gave an appearance and donated $ 8.200 for Hillary's campaign.

The CATHOLIC LEAGUE now urges Hillary Clinton to RETURN the amount donated by Dale Djerassi to US taxpayers.

The Dale Djerassi Foundation; millionaires who each time make blasphemic and anti-Christ art, but who run on tax pennies of mostly Christian Americans ?! It did not get there with the Catholics!

It was also stressed that Hillary Clinton had to repay $ 22.000 to the Tax Authorities, which she received as campaign donation money from Mexican businesswoman and drug dealer Vivian Mannerud.

Mannerud often donated large amounts to Clinton to launder her drug money, earned through international drug trafficking.

Bloomberg in Epstein's Black Book:

Censored version of the St. Batman Satanic art from Djerassi family, friends of Hillary Clinton:

Djerassi Resident Artists Program:

Alexander Djerassi:

Every room was filmed:

Ghislaine Maxwell's unorthodox statements:

Gigantic network of Ghislaine and her sisters explained by Amazing Polly:

Pedofile island drone close-up:

Pedo Island in a nutshell:

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