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HUNDREDS OF PRISONERS RELEASED in New York and New Jersey because of corona

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New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced that 200 prisoners have been released from a New York City prison.

New Jersey announced that it would follow suit: they too opened the doors of their prisons.

In many prisons in many counties of the United States, prisoners are allowed to walk out of the prison gate overnight to meet their freedom.

To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the prisoners are pardoned and allowed to leave their cells.

Sheriff of Minmouth County, NJ, Shaun Golden totally disagrees.

He thinks it is crazy that criminals, who were detained for violent crimes and for violence against police officers, have been released.

Sexual assaults, rapists and pedophiles have also been unleashed on society.

'There is an agenda behind this. This policy has been rushed through in the Supreme Court 'Sheriff Golden says.

It would officially be prisoners who are in jail for low-impact, non-violent crimes. But nothing is less true. The sheriff has looked at the list of names of released 'inmates' and he was not happy about it.

"This is absurd!"

Special visiting times had been in place for New Jersey prisons for a while. Visits were via video calls.

"There were no contaminated prisoners in our prison."Golden says.

'The whole situation is being exploited by Justice. We were not asked. Not one sheriff was consulted about this beforehand. This is top-shelf exploitation. ', said Sheriff Shaun Golden.

One of the prisoners released on Tuesday was arrested on Wednesday for shoplifting.

Photo: inmates New Jersey

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