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Hungarians line up at Gun-Shop

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Citizens in Hungary feel compelled to call on ITSELF.

Firearms sales have exploded since the global corona outbreak also crossed Hungary's borders.

Other, lighter, weapons are also very much in vogue, such as non-licensed gas pistols. These weapons are less dangerous but certainly deadly at a short distance.


Czechs also do not intend to go down in history as cowards. They are fully armed with a view to a not entirely inconceivable impending lawlessness in Europe.

Just like many Americans who fear that the government will not be able or want to maintain order in the near future.

Hungarians of all walks of life are hoarding weapons. Rubber bullet pistols and crossbows are a favorite.

"Gun sales have tripled.", says a Czech arms manufacturer.

'And five times more lighter weapons are sold than usual', Gabor Vass says a Hungarian arms dealer from his shop in Budapest. 'If we had more rubber bullets in stock, we could sell 15 times more weapons. But unfortunately they are sold out. '

As in the other Visegrád countries, the number of Wuhangriep infections in Hungary remains low. So far, 226 people have become infected and ten people are said to have died from the virus, yet Prime Minister Viktor Orbán found it necessary to declare a state of emergency for 11 Hungarians as early as March 9.700.000.

Many Hungarians are concerned that a total anomaly will break out in the absence of essential goods.

Hungarian Peter Rostas (33) says: 'I don't intend to kill anyone, but it's comforting to have a firearm in the house. When I have to defend my family, I don't want to be an asshole with just a broomstick in my hand. '



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