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Sorry? Are you all watching? Please people?

Spread the freedom!

Maybe it's not too late and we'll try again.

Please take a good look at this video first. It has Dutch subtitles. Not by us and I can't find who to give the credits so quickly so we refer properly.

We thank Marc van der Vegt on Twitter who posted this video and our reader Karin, who posted it here in the comment section.


Dear people, there has been no corona crisis.

There was no new virus that cost millions of extra lives. There has been no excess mortality worldwide in recent years. Just like every year. Little more, little less. A replacement for the flu has come out with EXACTLY the same mortality rate.

Don't be influenced as if the vaccine would "work". It does not work. It's not made for that. It's not against corona.

It was never about our health. It was about the vaccines. And those vaccines are the start of the real problem. We often discuss that real problem here, but first you have to go back to the basics. Because as long as we continue to believe in the corona fairytale, we will not be able to reveal the truth.

Take some time off emotionally and think carefully. Honestly ask yourself some questions.

Some examples:

    • Why the vehement propaganda to get you injected? Children are told that if they don't vaccinate, they can kill grandma.
    • Why take away the fundamental rights of people who were drafted after the Second World War to never let something like this happen again?
    • How on earth can one force people to get injected with which they don't even know what's in it. Do you know? We do. And it is publicly accessible to everyone.
    • How can one use coercion when there is no pandemic in the numbers?
    • Why not intervene now that so many people have died or are struggling with serious chronic diseases because of the vaccine?
    • Why don't you see the seriousness and the needlessness because these syringes endanger all age groups? Not the average 82 years of corona, of which more than 9 in 10 have serious underlying conditions that they die from?
    • Why inject healthy people with an unapproved vaccine, developed in a year, so that we have no idea what the vaccines are doing to us in the long run but are already the deadliest vaccines ever?
    • How is it possible that the media or government does not talk about the demonstrable dangers of these “vaccines” such as serious chronic diseases and frequent death?
    • How could we have allowed all this for, if you think that corona is a new virus (in reality this exact virus was already patented in 2002), a virus that only affects the elderly WITH, again WITH, very severe conditions in the background ? Did we have to put fences around the old people's homes and let our elderly die in solitude? Economy broken. Is that the solution?
  • Why aren't other very cheap drugs that are harmless to test discussed and tried? It's supposed to be about millions of human lives, isn't it?
  • Why do you let yourself be fooled again and again when you assume that corona has killed "an awful lot" of people when this is PERTINENT wrong? It is an annual phenomenon. See next point.
  • Are you aware of how many flu deaths there are every year? Suppose that this was kept up to date on a daily basis, what would the effect be on our behaviour?
  • Why drop your consciousness and rationality when the media comes up with a harrowing story about a… exceptional case? Then why don't you realize that exceptions occur with every disease and every virus?
  • How can this so-called crisis be so great that people have to be locked up, distanced from each other, curfews imposed and other far-reaching, humiliating measures that we have ever had in this country?
  • Do you ever think that if we hadn't done anything at all, nothing could have happened at all?
  • Be honest with yourself: Do you know corona deaths? And if so, what state (age, other conditions) were those people in?
  • Don't you really think we could have done this ourselves in a much better way if we used our common sense?
  • Why remove beds and not train staff? Someone stated that training takes a year and a half. Then they would be ready now. Enough people who want to work and help. And where there is a will there is a way. The training could have been shortened considerably if it was well organised. See what power they are giving to BOAs these days. That's dangerous.
  • Why are you being held back for so long? For more than 600 days, something has been continuously promised but not carried out?
  • Why are you afraid of something that isn't happening, but that people threaten to "may happen"? It's not happening. The climate story is the same.
  • And the worst thing: You don't allow yourself to be provoked by the media and government by stating that people who have not been vaccinated can transfer something to those who have been vaccinated? This is the biggest mess. It's their toy to tear you and me apart. And that was exactly what happened from 1933. Good people will do the worst things and eventually become bad.

In 2019, bog all people would underline this.

But you have been slowly sucked into a pit of fear by the "familiar faces" of television and politicians. You have been told that you can die and that many people will die. It has been said that corona is here and will remain among us.

And to this day you are reminded of corona, corona, corona every hour of the day

Social pressure. Family and friends.

Rutte's speech has put a lot of people in a state of hypnosis and fear. The media and politicians like this go on daily to keep you in that state. And any critical (logical) sound is dismissed as “conspiracy theories” and “crazy”.

No, in a normal situation you would go and see what the real experts say. For example, the inventor of mRNA. You want to hear multiple sides of the story. But you won't get that chance. Why not? Because the whole of the Netherlands would be awake with one snap. The media won't allow that.

The governments, whoever you put there, have a job to do for their globalist powerful friends. How they do it, they do it. If the same is needed here as in Australia, they will.

Klaus schwab

If they don't live up to what they're told, then the career is over. And it comes before your health! You can count on it! Part of the House of Representatives, just like part of the people, blindly follows behind.

But those who know again blindly trust the people of the WEF such as Schwab, the WHO, Bill Gates who keeps the RIVM afloat for 50% and they trust the people who have been doing this for centuries. They should have killed those people after WWII. Nazism was a tool. A tool.


Who is not bothered by anything? The unvaccinated.
Why? Because nothing was wrong.
But who should be blamed? The unvaccinated.

And watch how media and politics will do everything they can to create that situation.

Why the terrible compulsion? Ask yourself? Everything is used to inject everyone? If it doesn't work, it will be a little too obvious that vaccinated people get major health problems on a massive scale and the unvaccinated still live "happily ever after". Between quotation marks, because, as you have already read, they will also have a very difficult time.

Because now we see our beloved fellow human beings, friends and family struggling with health problems and they take it out on us. With the approval of the media and politicians.

Because the umpteenth variant with the umpteenth tropical name is already "active". Or even better: “vaccines only work for 30%” and we will get all the nonsense you can think of. And because people, because of the psychological warfare, are so far gone, they will also accept this. They will come to the inexplicable conclusion that an unvaccinated person would be a danger to another.

Do you think you are ready after 2 injections? The third is already ready. You will NEVER get rid of this. Unless you finally see that the whole corona story wasn't about our health. If you accept that, you will suddenly see through everything. And that's so handy. For yourself and for all of us. We have the same enemy.

The basics of everything are already wrong. the pcr. That fact alone… Let it sink in for a moment. False positive/false negative. Always.


People often get angry (politically correct, I can already see those collective mouths opening in amazement at shows like Jinek) when someone makes a comparison with the Second World War.

Openly calling people for Nazis and fascists is no problem. This is done openly in the mainstream media.

People who, for example, voted FvD and thus stood for referendums, power back to the citizens, more green and sovereignty instead of a Superstate, a Fourth Reich. Is that what? Those people are the Nazis?

I look at those wars in a different way.

The government and mass propaganda turn people against each other. And so, in the 30s, Nazism arose. That's why many people make the comparison with World War II.

We should have destroyed the people who are still there now. The users (or creators) of the tool and all products thereof. We have only disabled the products. The Nazis. Not the ones who created and used them. We should have put them up then, but we let them go.

Many people at that absolute top also have a certain origin themselves. I don't pay attention to that myself. I pay attention to the individual person. The origin says nothing about the person. But I'm not going to deny factual truths because some people find it "too sensitive".

Unvaccinated, Jews, all that is not Aryan, they must all be exterminated.

But first the population has to get behind it. Public opinion must first be turned. And that's exactly what they're doing to you again. Only now the goal is, after the depopulation (where people voluntarily walk to the slaughter with a smile with a smile, genius) to completely destroy the economy so that there is a shift where the last money that is in the underclass towards the very rich goes.

And that way you are completely dependent on them. They manage your money, they define your freedoms, they make you.

Shall we all put an end to it? In the end we all want the same thing? 

Spread the freedom!

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