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I almost fell off my chair reading Marianne Zwagerman's column in the Telegraph!

The column might as well have been posted on CommonSenseTV.

Not that I was surprised by Marianne's words, she often speaks accurate words and writes sharp sentences. But the fact that her critical column appears in De Telegraaf, apparently without (self) censorship, can be regarded as an important turning point for the mainstream media.


De Telegraaf is also mainly on the leash of politicians. Sometimes a small injection is given out, but for the most part De Telegraaf is just as good as the AD and everyone else.

Marianne Zwagerman is a regular columnist at the Telegraaf and in her columns, she was cautiously sometimes hinting at some criticism of the entire corona policy. I always thought:

Come on, Marianne, you know exactly how it is, don't be so careful, step up a gear. Let the readers of the largest newspaper in the Netherlands read a different story.

And now take a look at the column of January 29:

The column is only readable by people who have access to the premium articles. That is why I will quote and discuss a few things from the column here.


The World Health Organization (WHO) took power a year ago by declaring the international emergency for what was then called the Wuhan virus. Since then, the world has been in the grip of doctors and virologists, and extending the lives of old people has been made a top priority. This is understandable from the perspective of doctors and their suppliers. Old people eat up care and medicines, every year of life gained, the need for care increases enormously. People are artificially aging with a body full of blood thinners, plastic hips and new heart valves. Even if you don't look at it cynically, it makes sense that the old people tool works. Doctors want to save lives and no one is dancing on the just-closed grave of his elderly parents.


A few almost correct observations. Indeed, the world is in the grip of virologists. But the doctors are still not much listened to. (You become a virologist by following an (evening) course and is not a protected title or the like. Anyone can call themselves a virologist, just like a biscuit baker).

I don't know exactly what Marianne wants to emphasize with people getting older. Does she think it is a burden or a blessing? In any case, it is true that the average age is constantly increasing.


At the time, the WHO still thought that more than three percent of corona infections would lead to death. We now know that the risk of death is very much lower and virtually nil for people under the age of 65. Yet the world is now even more in panic than it was a year ago. The reins are tightened every month. That is strange but understandable, because Mark Rutte and his fellow government leaders see the corona crisis as 'a unique opportunity to reset the world and build a better world'.

To build back better has become a cry that suddenly sounds from the mouths of all world leaders. They gently spoon up a text written by the founder of the World Economic Forum. Wierd Duk shows the sound clips in his podcast this week and that is horrifying. Like listening to a brainwashed cult.


Marianne is completely aware of what is happening.


If Rutte really wants to reset the Netherlands, that would be great news. Who wouldn't want a country without a curfew and mandatory face masks? A country where tax officials do not have innocent people evicted from their homes, where working people do not have to be homeless because there is a house for everyone. A country in which your personal data is not resold after you have been properly tested for corona?

But that's not what Rutte means. His better world is full of windmills. Meadows have been filled with solar panels, forests have been cut down and fired, because biomass is a good idea. We must not contribute to the reset that world leaders are talking about. And apparently we don't care. The video in which Rutte announces it has been viewed 430 times on YouTube. We prefer to watch The Voice or something with marbles.

Meanwhile, the new world is defined for us by Sigrid Kaag-like people, who look down from the backseat of their limousine with their noses up at the people in the villages they whiz past on their way to the airport. They don't even see them, because along the highways are big black boxes of the winners of the new world. The shopping streets are empty, the entrepreneurs fumigated by the corona policy. They will soon be allowed to do low-paid stupid work in Amazon's distribution centers under exorbitant circumstances.


At this point I almost fell off my chair, ladies and gentlemen. Bravo Marianne !!!


Strategy professor Bob de Wit of Nyenrode University warns in his book Society 4.0 that in this way we go back to the feudal era, in which a very small upper layer has the power and the rest must work tacitly. While with today's technology we have every opportunity to speak out and take back power from the elite. Even though that is becoming increasingly difficult due to the censorship of the tech companies.

With professor de Wit you can participate in all kinds of Telegram groups. On Twitter I saw #BuildBackBetterDebat pass by. Let the TV off tonight, read up and join the conversation.

Because only together can we get Mark Rutte and Sigrid Kaag under control.


I actually only read the Telegraaf to keep up to date with all the MSM lies that are being presented to us. I am very pleased that this column is now in the Telegraph. “If there is one sheep over the dam, more will follow” is a well-known Dutch saying.

Let's hope this proverb holds true. Groupthink can then be broken. When the mainstream media breaks free from the propagandistic method of reporting government terrorism, hope is shining.

Thank you Marianne Zwagerman.

Bonus: a nice quote from Marianne:

You don't have to believe in conspiracies, the reality is gruesome enough.

And she also has a clear opinion about curfew:

Wierd Duk's podcast:

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