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I am a general practitioner and I ask questions

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By GP Bettina van Steenis

When the GP asks questions about the Covid vaccines

II am a general practitioner and expected to work on the basis of scientific and ethical standards. When I inject people with a certain substance into their bodies, I have to know what I am injecting, why and what the advantages and disadvantages are. In addition, I must obtain the informed informed consent of the individual in advance.

This also applies to the new Covid vaccines that we GPs in the Netherlands must give our people / patients on the instructions of the government. These are genetic substances that have never been given to humans for vaccination before.

In fact, we are now conducting Phase 3/4 studies of the Pharma industry, such as Pfizer, Moderna and Astra Zeneca. In July 2020, the European Commission relaxed the strict legal requirements set for genetic experimental studies on humans.

In my search for answers to questions about the method of these substances, their efficacy and safety, study quality, data collection and independent scientific testing, I came into contact with the MEB, Board for the Evaluation of Medicines.

The MEB is part of the EMA, the European medicines agency. They are the authority that may authorize new medicines for the European market. This gives them the power to enable European governments to supply their populations with these new experimental vaccines. In doing so, they bear responsibility for the health, possible long-term consequences and life on a social, economic and psychological level for 500 million Europeans.

In an interview on October 12, 2020 at the MEB in Utrecht, I was given answers that are incorrect.

Read the conversation between GP Bettina van Steenis and the MEB here:


Outside the Parliamentary Investigation Commission

Questioning of Dr. Bettina van Steenis - General practitioner, on October 11, 2020. Source: Outside the Parliamentary Investigation Commission

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