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I am an entrepreneur and have my own business

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My personal thoughts on the word ¨own¨ and ¨independent

Entrepreneur abuse for placebo effect.

the placebo (Latin for: 'I will please') is an if medicine prescribed or promoted product that does not contain active ingredients. The word placebo is also used to shorten placebo effect. In this sense, a placebo refers to a positive psychological effect that occurs through confidence in the beneficial effect of a treatment (for example, a greater sense of well-being or relief). The placebo itself heals or does nothing improve

  I am an entrepreneur and have my own business




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Using the corona ticket is required in many places. Like in the hospitality industry. It is therefore not allowed to apply alternative rules, for example by working with distance standards.

If the corona admission ticket is used in the designated sectors, this is in line with the applicable laws and regulations. It is therefore not in conflict with the AVG or other laws and regulations in the Netherlands.

Vaccination certificate, recovery certificate or tests for entry

Your visitors can use the following corona proofs for access:

Visitors can use these 3 options show via CoronaCheck.

Checking corona admission ticket, identity card and health check

To gain access to these venues, the entrepreneur must scan the corona admission ticket and compare the visitor's identity card with the data from the scan.

Entrepreneurs must offer participants the opportunity to leave their contact details for the source contact research. In addition, the health check in advance performed. An individual may be granted access if:

  • the scanner turns green;
  • the identity document matches; and
  • the visitor has no corona-related health problems.

Visitors enter at green screen

A corona ticket check is done by scanning the QR code of the corona ticket with the CoronaCheck Scanner app (this can be shown both on paper and digitally).

With green screen: check proof of identity

If there is a green screen, a check is made of the proof of identity and possibly of the entrance ticket or reservation. After that, the visitor may be admitted.

Red screen: visitor not entering

The visitor may not be admitted if there is a red screen. If the check has not taken place at the door, visitors should be asked to leave the location.

CoronaCheck Scanner app for visitor control

To be able to scan the corona proof of your visitors, you need the CoronaCheck Scanner app. Employees can download the CoronaCheck Scanner app from the Apple App Store (iPhone) or the Google Play Store (Android). This allows them to scan the QR codes of visitors at the entrance.

Use the app on iPhones or Android phones

CoronaCheck Scanner can be used on all iOS and Android phones from Android 6 and iOS 12 (iPhone 5s and newer). The phone also needs a working camera.

With a phone with a low-quality camera, it may be difficult to scan paper CoronaCheck QR codes. So try scanning QR codes first. For this you can use demo QR codes that are listed on the website below.

No continuous internet required

Scanning at the door is possible without internet. You do need an internet connection at least once a day to retrieve a configuration of the app.

All information about using CoronaCheck Scanner can be found on

People excluded from corona tickets

  • Children up to the age of 13 do not need to show a corona ticket for admission. Children aged 6-12 are strongly advised to take a self-test prior to the activity.
  • Employees, volunteers and artists are excluded from the use of corona tickets. This exception applies to those who perform professional or commercial activities (i.e. not, for example, participants in a business conference). If employees, volunteers and performers have not been vaccinated or have recently recovered, they are strongly advised to undergo testing prior to any activity. This is possible at the test lanes of Testing for Access.

Indoor and outdoor events, with and without a fixed seat

Events are allowed with the use of corona tickets.

Event Definition

  • An event is an event if, for example, a performance, festival, performance or party takes place at a location (including catering).
  • In addition, a fair, a professional competition or conference is also an event.
  • In the event of an event, it is ultimately at the discretion of the competent (local) authority.

Corona proofs at open events

  • In consultation with the municipality, the organizer must ensure that only the public is admitted whose corona admission ticket has been checked.
  • At locations with an open character, such as the arrival of Sinterklaas, organizers and municipalities together ensure adequate application of the obligation for a corona admission ticket.

The following applies:

Event outside
Without fixed seat
  • No maximum number of visitors.
  • No end time, catering does close after 00.00, with the exception of takeout options.
With fixed seat
  • No maximum number of visitors.
  • No end time, catering does close after 00.00, with the exception of takeout options.
Corona tickets for indoor events
Events inside
Without fixed seat
  • 75% of regular capacity and allowed until midnight.
  • Between 00:00 and 06:00, visitors are only allowed to take a permanent seat.
  • Catering closes after 00.00:XNUMX, with the exception of takeaway options.
With fixed seat
  • No maximum number of visitors.
  • No end time, catering does close after 00.00, with the exception of takeout options.

If some of the visitors/guests of the event have a fixed seat, and some of them do not have a fixed seat, the rules for events without a fixed seat apply.

Register event for use of corona tickets

In order to take into account the available test capacity, you must in some cases register your event. That is the case if:

  • the activity requires a one-time permit from the municipality and there are at least 1.000 visitors.
  • your event takes place in a large event location with a continuous permit and there are at least 3.000 visitors.

Corona tickets at closed places

It depends on your situation whether a corona ticket is an option. You should check the possible use at your location against a number of things. For example, you must meet the requirements of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). The use of a corona ticket is a form of data processing. In addition, you should also check the use of a corona admission ticket against fundamental rights, for example.

Other rules for entrepreneurs in catering and events

In addition to checking the corona admission ticket, ID and the health check and registration, you must ensure a controlled inflow and outflow of your visitors.

If you are an entrepreneur in the event industry or art and culture sector, the following conditions also apply:

  • You must ensure separate inflow and outflow. For events that do not take place at a closed location, a barrier must be made to create a controlled event location.
  • You are obliged to work with (free) ticket sales.
  • You ensure that there is sufficient distance between artists and the public.
  • You must make agreements with your municipality about these precautions and how you have set up access control.
  • You make agreements with the GGD, so that source and contact investigations can be carried out quickly and effectively in the event of an outbreak.

For multi-day events, the check must be carried out every 24 hours.

Rules for events in transfer locations

There is no mandatory use of corona tickets in transfer locations. For example, amusement parks and museums. And for transfer events, such as fairgrounds.

Is there a catering facility at the transfer location or the transfer event? Like a restaurant in the Efteling. Then the rules for regular catering and events.

Toolkit communication tools for organizers

In the toolkit for organizers you will find more information and communication tools that you can use to inform visitors about the use of corona tickets.

From Friday 24 September 2021 you will find a toolkit with communication tools here.


After reading the above, can someone explain the definition of independent?

Entrepreneur has the following; ¨There is also a large category of people who are entrepreneurs because they do not want to be dependent on others (although of course they do depend on their customers).¨


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The impressive words of the Horeca and Koninklijke Horeca Nederland (KHN)

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