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I am a Human and have ¨Fundamental rights¨

Spread the freedom!

This piece can also be seen as a kind of Part II on art.

I am an entrepreneur and have my own business

I am an entrepreneur and have my own business

It is more or less information that can be used with the measures / coercive measures announced by the government as in art. be described.

Thanks to YT Channel The Captain.

Distribute these legal documents as much as possible and use them to defend yourself! Show the documents to the enforcer or read the text! ——– To the investigating officer This is what you need to know about the enforcement of the QR code at catering establishments:

> Document for the investigating officer

Document Investigator



> Document for the owner

Document owner


The documents were prepared by a police colleague of BlueTruth together with a lawyer.

Use it to your advantage!!


Wybren van Haga: "Government violates our fundamental rights on a massive scale!"

Spread the freedom!

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