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I came across 2 videos that I don't want to withhold from you

Spread the freedom!

One video comes from the Action Group United Health Care Workers.

“You clapped for us last year, can we have a few minutes of your time now?”



Nothing RIVM, nothing Hugo de Jonge, nothing ab osterhaus, nothing witch merchants with their dirty dirty lies and terrorist horror talk.

Here you will hear the opinions, but especially the experiences of the people who work in healthcare. Just professional and down-to-earth messages from the real experts. Nursing staff who share their experiences, are genuinely concerned and also give you some heartfelt advice.

Kudos to these people!

There are more videos on their website:

Click on the thumbs up on their website dear people! There are currently 'only' 642 thumbs up. Let's make sure that this number at least doubles, dear people!




But this video is downright shocking.

Mark Dice is an American writer and media analyst. He has taken to the streets in San Diego, California to ask people on the street to sign a petition that people who don't want to take their vaccine should be arrested and locked up until they repent and get their vaccine. still take. A few refuse, calling him a fascist or a madman, but the majority of the people in his video sign the petition with conviction. Meanwhile, Mark still goes the extra mile by saying that those weird people who talk about the long-term consequences shouldn't whine. “We will be concerned about what will happen in the longer term. Now those people in prison should start worrying about their behavior.” And so he has many more comments to the people who (will) sign. “We have to decide for these people what is best for them.” He even explains to a lady that the vaccine has not yet been approved and that it is only an experiment, "but that does not mean that everyone should take it". And without the slightest hesitation, this lady signs the petition.

Anyway, he does everything he can to make it as absurd as possible, but the passers-by sign the petition with conviction.


My only regret is that he doesn't end up listing a total number of signers and rejecters. Because he can of course paste and cut whatever he wants in the video. But anyway the fact that so many Americans sign something like this……. How sad, how distressing is that.


Spread the freedom!

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