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#IKTWIJFEL: Doctors Collective is getting more and more attention

CSTV is in no way affiliated with the Stichting Artsen Covid Collectief. We observe and show this because we believe this is important.


We notice in everything that public opinion is tilting. 

Doctors are also increasingly coming out and expressing their doubts and criticism of this policy of the government. Not just in the media.

This should have been done much earlier, but we think that there is a lot of pressure on these people who are also part of a system. And doctors are just like people, so there are good and bad doctors and everything in between.

We have examples of doctors who were threatened by the government as soon as they expressed a different opinion about corona. (source) With mostly very obvious arguments that no one will doubt about (would) the media show it.

But now there is no reason anymore not to join other doctors who feel the same as all sincere doctors in the Netherlands. Many preceded you and that something is wrong, you can no longer ignore it. It is important to get together.

Those who know they are acting on a lie will have to come out. The need is great and a small country like the Netherlands can still be rescued in the short term. The realization is there among people in the Netherlands.

As a doctor, do you think it normal what happens here? Do you think it is ethical for young students to vaccinate older people with a vaccine that is anything but effective and safe?

The Dutch people are not crazy and are increasingly awake. Do the right thing. The confidence is still there.

Are you a doctor? Join us! Many have gone before you, and the people will thank you for rising for righteousness.

More and more is coming out. We know that the top makes money from positive PCR tests.

Source: CSTV tomorrow.


You are no longer alone with the Doctors Collective and you are by no means the only one with doubts. Truth wins. Fight for that truth and you win.


The Dutch doctors collective is part of a worldwide movement that has arisen among doctors and other medical personnel and experts. (source)


And are you being put under pressure in some way? Then come out with it. Don't be afraid of the government or fellow doctors. Fear the consequences of this created crisis and be sure to treat your patients as you have sworn to.

I am a general practitioner and I ask questions

General practitioner about Hugo de Jonge: Your only task is to leave!

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