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Did I sacrifice myself for that?

Opinion: The girl with the red hair would turn over in her grave!

By organizing Leo Singor

I think that Hannie Schaft, better known as 'The girl with the red hair', and all those other resistance heroes from the Second World War, who had to pay for their own lives, would turn in their graves if they saw what is currently happening in the Netherlands. I think they would all think, "Did I sacrifice myself for that ?!"

I can already see the reactions of people, as I write this, who find it disgusting that I draw a comparison between our current social circumstances and the situation in the Second World War. But I still do and I accept those reactions. In that respect I already had a dress rehearsal when I posted a short piece on December 7th with a photo of a grand Nazi rally. I quote my text from then:

“KILLENG And how surprised we were over the past seventy-five years at the fact that a charismatic little man with an ugly mustache managed to rally almost the entire people of Europe's largest country behind him ……. It has taken less than six months to brainwash 'free' people so they have come to believe that going to work, going to church, having fun, visiting your family and friends, and showing your own face in public, all are selfish acts - that will literally kill people ……. ”

“I then received 'very constructive' criticism in the form of:“ Posting a Nazi photo is the work of a sick person. What an idiot! ” and "Scandalous, polarizing, inflammatory but above all stupid comparisons are made here!" I say to people like this, “Bring it on! It doesn't bother me and I write my pieces for you too. ”

Words to the same effect Jeroen Pols spoke to the journalists in the press conference on Friday 26 February, which he conducted with Willem Engel at Potkaars as a result of the lost appeal in the case against the curfew:…/hoger-beroep-avondklok….

The 'mainstream media club' dared to ask significantly more critically than when they were present at the press conferences of Rutte and De Jonge. Jeroen also made it clear that he and Willem are not doing it for themselves, but for the entire nation and he said he did not understand that the journalists present apparently think it is normal that in one year's time we have lost almost all our fundamental rights. And I share that thought with him and in response to that comment I am writing this piece.


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