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First a little note to Danny,

Danny, first of all thanks for the foregoing art. (and your e-mail) in which you let yourself look inside, handsome!

Now my mind hasn't changed (yet), but it's so damn addictive to wake people up. ;-)


Now back to this art.

Do I want to talk about seeing Trolls here, the word that seems to be taking over on CSTV for the past few days?

Yes and no.

I want to discuss here another Troll, namely the dog. The dog who barks and BITES when he thinks no one is watching him anymore.

Mistake Maurice, I'm paying attention!

As I mentioned in a previous art. have already written, although I do not qualify myself as a writer at all, but more as a pointer towards striking statements and broadcasts both Mainstream and Alternative. I am also not in possession of one or more glass balls. Not even glass balls, so feel free to kick them in the comment section if you don't agree with my opinion/insights, they can have it!

The following.

I wrote in art. so I wrote the following:

¨By insisting on the number of 'vaccinated' admissions in hospitals at the moment without really doing research into 'why' it is so high, the foundation is already being laid for the road to MORE VACCINATION through the 1st , 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc. and even the booster doesn't work long enough against ¨this killer virus¨

What herr hugo will give the opportunity to

or he will persist, because he is still "popular" enough.

or he admits he is wrong, but declares that due to a too low degree of effectiveness of the current ¨vaccine¨, follow-up vaccines¨ or boostershots¨ have to be placed and thus regains its popularity¨, because he has thus managed to prevent dramatic interventions on society and again lockdowns. ¨

Now, forget the hang on this is already starting to show big cracks. And the admit wrong?, that will never happen, that would become an admission of guilt.

What will happen is ¨MORE VACCINATION¨

After all, the dog has done ¨ research and therefore tries to lay the foundation towards ¨ MORE VACCINATION through the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc. and even the booster does not work long enough against ¨ this killer virus ¨

proven above the existence by means of a profile based on a declaration by h the young.


Why? listen to a piece from the livestream of BLCKBX: Review of the press conference broadcast via the yt channel 02/011/21, in which BLCKBX also gets sucked into the BLACK (wef hugo) GAT. Is this conscious, is this unconscious? Is also BLCKBX so-called Controlled Opposition? It will concern me, what matters is that YOU! It sees.


Listen to the clip below (cut) from that broadcast, especially from 2 min28 and how mister the dog (woof woof) tries to take you into the wonderful world of ¨ elaborate vaccination / vaccines


Again the above is a clip (cut) from a 2 hour long, in my opinion frustrating live broadcast, which is not intended to dismiss BLCKBX in its entirety as ¨frustrating¨.

Also listen carefully to the doctor present, who, by giving a good speech, manages to subtly talk 'unvaccinated' into a specific corner.

The entire broadcast is . to see.


Good luck everyone. And when in doubt, be guided by your mind and not be misled by your own mind CLAIMED by another.


What's going on here again?

The mindset and situation we are in




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