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I was vaccinated… ..

To Mark Rutte and Hugo de Jonge, to Klaus and Bill.

But it does not work. I get itchy and pimples all over when I see or hear one or more of those idiots. I have nothing but side effects and the vaccine does nothing to protect me from these jellyfish.

When Hugo says that the vaccines (which are not vaccines already) are completely safe and tested extensively….

No more dangerous than eating a frikandell… ..

And Dr. Michael Yeadon, who has worked for Pfizer for many years and has 32 years of vaccine experience, and Dr. Pierre Capel, who has more than 40 years of experience, and Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, who is also an expert on vaccines, say it is potentially very dangerous. is to let yourself be injected with these experimental syringes… ..

When I hear those different lectures, I would like to know more. A schoolteacher who has declared himself a dictator and several scientists with years of experience contradict each other… ..

Have a look at this short, but very impressive video:


I admit, I am a little biased in advance by the attitude, statements and behavior of the schoolteacher. But can you blame me? Does that make me wappie? In any case, I investigate and try to distinguish the real facts from the fake facts.

And when I find out that the scientists who make critical voices are banned, ridiculed and banned from the internet and even from their work… ..

And when I find out that the veterinarians who have taken an evening course in virology are put on a pedestal and are worshiped like the oracles and that their 'wisdom' should not be criticized under any circumstances ... come that the virologists involved at the OMTs and RIVMs of various countries also have direct or indirect interests in the pharmaceutical industry and pcr producers… ..

Then, after many, many hours of research and reading, I conclude that I prefer to rely on the theses and opinions of an independent scientist rather than the opinion of Hugo and his henchmen.

Hopefully you have by now realized that our entire existence, our society, our prosperity, our well-being is at stake here ...

The rulers like Rutte and the young have nothing to fear. At least that's what they think. They assume that in the new world they are going to help create, they will fulfill an important function. They don't understand that they are just the mules that are needed right now. Read my column about it The Protocols again after. (footnote 1)

One down, three to go ...

The acclaimed AstraZeneca vector vaccine, of which Hugo, not entirely disinterested, was already 100% convinced in May last year that, together with the mRNA genetic engineering, the only solution to get out of this plandemia, has already been released. fell through the ice.

Initially, the deaths and very serious side effects were still dismissed as coincidence or even nonsense. This is no longer sustainable and many countries have already stopped using this experimental syringe. Unfortunately, no good, money gone. And for the victims? Unfortunately, liability excluded.

What about the mRNA syringe that is still widely used? There, too, we see an impressive list of deaths and side effects. See the article: Vaccine victims, you shouldn't spread fake news about that (footnote 2)

It is not only the opinion of Doctor Yeadon, Doctor Vanden Bossche and Doctor Capel that you should also be careful with this experiment.

I quote the opinions of a number of renowned American doctors and scientists on the mRNA genetic modification syringes:


In November 2020, Dr. Peter Jay Hotez on the new mRNA vaccines:

I am concerned about innovation at the expense of usability, as they [the mRNA vaccines] are focused on technology platforms that have never been licensed.

Dr. Hotez is Professor of Pediatrics and Molecular Virology & Microbiology at Baylor College of Medicine, where he is also director of the Texas Children's Hospital Center for Vaccine Development.

Michal Linial, PhD is professor of Biochemistry. Because of her research and forecasts on Covid-19, Dr. Linial widely quoted in the media. She recently stated:

I won't be taking it [the mRNA vaccine] right away - probably not for at least the next year. We have to wait and see if it really works. We only have a safety profile for a certain number of months, so whether there is a long-term effect after two years, we cannot know.


In November 2020, The Washington Post reported hesitation among health care professionals in the United States regarding the mRNA vaccines, citing polls that reported that:

Some did not want to be vaccinated in the first round so that they could wait for possible side effects, and several doctors and nurses are demanding more data before calling for vaccines to end the pandemic.

Frank Shallenberger, MD, HMD, has been practicing medicine since 1973, specializing in both traditional and alternative medicine. He has the following to report:


Dear patients and friends,

Last week I was asked about 20 times about the new Covid vaccines. Here are my thoughts. Please pass this information on to as many people as possible. People must have fully informed information for consent to inject foreign genetic material into their body.

The Covid vaccines are mRNA vaccines. mRNA vaccines are a completely new type of vaccine. No mRNA vaccine has ever been previously licensed for human use. In essence, we have absolutely no idea what to expect from this vaccine. We have no idea whether it will be effective or safe.

Traditional vaccines simply introduce pieces of attenuated virus to stimulate an immune response. The new mRNA vaccine is completely different. It injects (transfects) molecules of synthetic genetic material of non-human origin into our cells. Once inside the cells, the genetic material reacts with our transfer RNA (tRNA) to make a foreign protein that supposedly teaches the body to destroy the virus it is coded for. These newly created proteins are not regulated by our own DNA, so they are completely foreign to our cells. It is unknown what they are fully capable of.

The mRNA molecule is vulnerable to destruction. So in order to protect the fragile mRNA strands while they are being introduced into our DNA, they are coated with PEG epoxidized lipid nanoparticles. This coating hides the mRNA from our immune system, which would normally kill any foreign material injected into the body. PEG epoxidized lipid nanoparticles have been used in a variety of pharmaceuticals for years. Due to their effect on immune system balance, they have been shown in several studies to induce allergies and autoimmune diseases. In addition, PEG-related lipid nanoparticles have been shown to trigger their own immune responses and cause liver damage.

These new vaccines are also contaminated with aluminum, mercury, and possibly formaldehyde. The manufacturers have not yet disclosed what other toxic substances they contain.

Since viruses often mutate, the vaccine is unlikely to work for more than a year. That's why the flu vaccine changes every year. Last year's vaccine is no more valuable than last year's newspaper.

There is absolutely no long-term safety study to ensure that these vaccines do not cause the cancer, seizures, heart disease, allergies and autoimmune diseases seen with other vaccines. If you've ever wanted to be a guinea pig for Big Pharma, this is your golden opportunity.

With the death rate from Covid now returning to the normal death rate from influenza, the pandemic has since passed. Therefore, no vaccine is required at this time. The current “escalating cases” panic is based on a PCR test which, because it exceeds 34 amplifications, is 100% false positive, except when performed on day 3 and day 5 after the first day of symptoms. As a result, it is 100% inaccurate in asymptomatic people. This has been clearly established in the scientific literature.

If you go to the CDC site, you can see that weekly US mortality rates are now lower than they are during an average flu season.

The other reason you don't need a vaccine for Covid-19 is that significant herd immunity has already taken place in the United States. This is the main reason for the end of the pandemic.

Unfortunately, you cannot fully rely on what you hear from the media. They have been consistently wrong over the past year. Since they are all backed by Big Pharma and the other entities that sell the Covid vaccines, they won't be completely outspoken when it comes to mRNA vaccines. Every statement I have made here is fully supported by published scientific references.

I would be very interested to see verification that Bill and Melinda Gates with their entire family including grandchildren, Joe Biden and Trump and their entire families, and Anthony Fauci and his entire family are all getting the vaccine.

Anyone who still wants to be injected with the mRNA vaccine after reading all this should at least have their blood checked for Covid-19 antibodies. No vaccine is required in individuals who have already been naturally immunized.

Here's what it boils down to for me: I'd much rather get a Covid infection than get a Covid vaccine. That would be safer and more effective. I've had a number of Covid positive flu cases this year. Some were old and had health problems. Each of them have done very well with natural therapies, including ozone therapy and IV vitamin C. Just because modern medicine doesn't have an effective treatment for viral infections doesn't mean there isn't one.




Footnote 1: The Protocols of the Magi of Zion

The protocols are executed right in front of you

Footnote 2: No fake news about the number of victims of the vaccines

Vaccine victims, you shouldn't spread fake news about that.

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