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Sham democracy: If we as a people do nothing, we will fall into a trap

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False democracy

In a democracy, the people decide. In a democracy the people are asked for advice and their opinion, but in the Netherlands the citizens are excluded.

Have we ever been asked for our opinion during this crisis? New. If you don't go along with the narrative of the media and the government, you will be denounced, silenced and believe me: you are in danger. With the truth on your side, of course, out of love for your country and for your fellow man.

mark rutte doesn't talk to you. mark rutte does not talk to critical people, to the people. mark rutte talks to kozp and blm, on behalf of…

The lie has never been greater. The situation has never been so insanely irrational. Never before in modern history have we lived daily in a way that goes against all logic.

For anyone who wants to see it, it's written all over in bold letters: Folks, this is evil!

But one does not see it, one does not want to see it, one does see it but does nothing and those who do want to do something stand alone. And are in danger! Just believe me. And that must be over.

Watch this important and excellent conversation at Café Weltschmerz between Erik van der Horst and Gideon van Meijeren of the Forum for Democracy

Gideon cites the following themes, among others.

Our judges are not independent or impartial at all.

Everything is already boarded up in advance. We do not live in a democracy. 

In a dictatorship, those in power are not eager for the population to interfere in public affairs.

If we all obediently go along with this and obey these bizarre rules, we will fall into a trap.

Where are those brave Dutchmen who say: "Until here and no further?

Has all history been for nothing?

This and more is discussed in this interview from Café Weltschmerz with Gideon van Meijeren.

The following text is taken from Café Weltschmerz:

Gideon van Meijeren was a guest at Café Weltschmerz, where he had an extensive discussion with Erik van der Horst about the state of Dutch democracy – a conversation in which he explains on the basis of concrete examples on which points our democracy is dysfunctional. The consequences are enormous. Can we still speak of a democracy at all?





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