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Indonesian 'corona offenders' PUBLICALLY embarrassed

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People who do not take corona measures seriously in Indonesia are being pilloried outside.

For example, as a punishment they have to walk around with plates around their neck on which they can show others on the distance rules to draw attention to and read pieces from the Koran in public.

Non-Muslims are spared in Aceh. They don't have to recite the Quran and get away with just one reprimand.

In the Sragen region, reluctant civilians are locked up in old houses that are said to be haunted are.
In Indonesia, many people strongly believe in the supernatural such as ghosts and demons.

The public humiliation for people who violate the rules was introduced by the Indonesian government "for the sake of themselves and their families."

For example, fishermen are arrested on the quay and in the the because they don't want to wear a mask on their fishing boat.

'It's silly and ridiculous to wear a mouth mask when you are at sea. ', says fisherman Firmansiyah:

“Not even a prescription has been announced to wear a mask on the water!
If I had, I would have adhered to it. This is not fair. '

340.000 troops are stationed in 24 cities to make civilians obey.

Even children who do not want to or cannot revisions to the one-and-a-half-meter society, the street is sent and publicly scaffolded with a sign around their neck that reads:


There are then photos of the 'juvenile delinquents' uploaded by the police on social media.

Indonesia has ample 260 miljoen inhabitants and counted Thursday afternoon 24.538 corona infections and 1.496 'confirmed' corona deaths.

584 children are said to have tested positive for the coronavirus.

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