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Continuing Israel destroys Trump's peace plan with bulldozers

While everyone is distracted by the sad circus act in the US of A has Israel once again, taken the opportunity to destroy at least 80 homes of Palestinians in a remote corner of the West Bank.

With bulldozers AND WITHOUT ANY FORM OF NOTICE beforehand, the shelters of Palestinians were razed to the ground.

Only a goat shed was spared.

In the dubious Peace Plan Last January, which was even disapproved by the EU, states, among other things, that Israel is Palestinian territory mag appropriate, including the Jordan Valley, MITS the Palestinians can declare their own state.

That Palestinian State met with much resistance and horror from Netanyahu and the residents of the Jewish settlements on Palestinian territory.

The chairman of the Association of Mayors of Settlements, David Elhayani, said if he had to choose between blow off of annexation or of allowing it founding of a Palestinian State, which he would choose the former.

But 1 july jl had to and would the annexation still take place according to Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel's prime minister.

Trump, however, urged him to be patient.

Nu the whole world looks the other way does Trump's ally just nice to landje cock.

The disadvantaged Palestinians in the Jordan Valley, half of whom are small children, therefore have none in the middle of winter home more.

'But we'll stay here. This is our land, 'says a now homeless Palestinian:

"Israel is a disease, a cancer that affects the whole world."

Israel claims the Jordan Valley no Palestinian territory, but would rather call it a 'warzone'.


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