Italian island full to the brim with immigrants

The Italian island of Lampedusa has once again been overrun with illegal immigrants.

Mayor Totò Martello has admitted that the situation is no longer under control due to the huge numbers of immigrants. There are currently 7.500 inhabitants on Lampedusa, 1.000 of whom are immigrants. Martello has called on the government to take action because the island can no longer cope with the flow of immigrants.

Lampedusa actually has room for up to 100 immigrants. The actual number currently residing on the island has increased tenfold. Most of these immigrants are from Tunisia and Libya.

State of emergency: THOUSANDS of migrants invade Europe through Lampedusa in July

The reason for the exceptionally large influx of migrants from Tunisia has to do with the economic crisis caused by the corona pandemic.

At least that's how the media puts it out. Or are they fortune seekers who benefit from EU policies?

Regard Direct Photography | Illegal Immigration in Lampedusa


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