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Italians are not allowed to leave their place of residence on Christmas and New Year's Day

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Italians are not allowed to leave their place of residence on December 25, 26 and January 1.

There is currently one in Italy lockdown in force.

The country is divided into three risk zones, which are distinguished from each other by color codes: red, orange and yellow.

People must already be in the red areas stay at home, while still traveling between areas in yellow zones somewhat is Allowed.

Italians will have to deal with around the holidays extra travel restrictions and from 4 december with of all kinds adjusted corona measures.

The government of Prime Minister Conte has decided to reduce travel between regions 21 December to 6 shut down.

At Christmas, December 25 and 26 and on New Year's Day January 1, Italians are not even allowed to leave their home!

And it probably will not stop at those measures.

The Italian government is also expected to decide on one mandatory quarantine period of ten days for people coming from abroad.

Among other things, that measure would be intended to help people prevent to go skiing in neighboring countries.


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