Prime Minister Draghi of Italy receives support from Matteo Salvini

Salvini back in Italian government?

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi has received initial backing from two major parties in forming a government to get the country out of the current political crisis after Conte's government fell.

How did the government fall from conte?

A small Italian coalition party has withdrawn its ministers from the Conte government. It concerns the party Italia Viva of ex-Prime Minister Renzi. Without Italia Viva, Prime Minister Conte no longer had a majority in parliament.

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Tensions in the governing coalition, especially about what to do with the billions from the European corona recovery fund, had run too high. (source)

Salvini's rapprochement with the five star movement

The rapprochement with Prime Minister Draghi came from the populist five star movement and Matteo Salvini's party, the League, who said they were willing to put aside bitter rivalry for the good of the country, raising the prospect of a government of national unity.

“We are available. We are the leading political force in the country, we are a force that should rule ”, Matteo Salvini, league leader and former interior minister, said after a meeting with Draghi.

"Unlike others, we believe that we cannot make progress if we always say no", he added.

Matteo Salvini and Mario Draghi

A new government will be tasked with deciding how to spend more than € 200 billion in European Union funds to revitalize Italy's plandemic-ridden economy. The third largest in the Eurozone, last year suffered a fall in GDP (gross national product) of 8,9%. (source)

“I would rather be in the room where it is decided whether the money is being used well or not, rather than being on the outside”, Salvini said.

"We are ready to overcome anything in the interest of the country", said Vito Crimi, leader of the five-star movement who won the most votes in the last parliamentary election in 2018 and was a key element of both Conte governments.

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Salvini, the former interior minister in Conte's first government, noted that he will be sitting next to politicians who voted to waive his parliamentary immunity for not allowing migrant rescue ships to disembark in Italy at the end of August 2019 when he was a minister. (source)

Draghi, 73, completed a first round of talks with political parties this week. He is also expected to meet unions, corporate lobbies and other members of civil society.

Should he fail to obtain a parliamentary majority, early elections could follow, probably in June. But President Mattarella made it clear during the week that he wanted to avoid such an outcome in the midst of a health and economic crisis.  (source)

Salvini said during the hearings in which he was charged with kidnapping: "I am only here to defend the borders of my country." (source)

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