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Joe Biden selects Kamala Harris as VP candidate

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After months of speculation by many political commentators, the BIDEN campaign has now made it known. Kamala Harris is number two! Harris will compete for vice president in November.

Senator for California since 2017, Kamala Harris has been running for president for the Democratic Party. During that campaign she attacked Joe Biden more often, for example about “forced busing”:


In 2003 Harris was elected District Attorney of San Francisco, a position she did not leave until 2011. In 2005, the ambitious DA had the opportunity to correct a common problem. She did not use this situation to make changes, but she did nothing! (source)

Next week is the Democratic Convention, officially identifying the presidential and vice presidential candidates. In theory, the leaders can still change, but that's unlikely. Biden had previously promised to choose a wife. After the start of the BLM riots, he came under pressure from the radical left to select a black candidate.

Among political commentators on the left, Harris has long been the favorite, and conservative commentators have long turned their eyes to Kamala Harris.

During the Democratic Party primaries, she came to the fore precisely because of her attacks on Biden's choices. But after that campaign, she soon joined Joe Biden. Many saw that choice as a betrayal by the voter.

How are Trump and Biden doing?

The 'approval ratingPresident Trump remains at around 50%, at 49% today, up 6% from Obama at the same time in his first term.

The normal polls look less rosy for Trump, RealClearPolitics average Joe Biden at 49% and President Trump at 42%. While the gap seems big, it is also reminiscent of 2016, when the polls looked the same at this point.

TRUMP: 37%

So the current polls are more positive for President Trump, but the same for the Democratic Candidate. This could have a positive effect for Trump in November.

the other poll shows that 59% of Americans do not believe Biden would complete his term

The president has also announced on Twitter what he thinks of Harris:

The United States presidential election is on November 3. CommonSenseTV zto keep you informed of developments. We will also try to broadcast the presidential debates on our YouTube channel, if they are held.

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