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Was Joe Biden wearing an earpiece or was it a crease in his shirt?

Was it one crease in his shirt or a earpiece? Democrats deny that Joe Biden needed an earpiece or drugs to get through the first debate of election season.



Trump (74) and Biden (77) faced moderator Chris Wallace in the spotlight in a studio in Cleveland, Ohio.

They took turns 2 minutes to respond to a question or statement by Wallace in the categories:


Trump and Biden track record

Appointment of new Chief Justice

COVID-19 coronavirus

· Economy

Race riots in cities

Integrity of the elections


Six times 15 minutes the two presidential candidates had their say.

When the camera swung to the right unexpectedly, Biden was fiddling with his shirt. A black thread seemed to have become visible.

Biden's answers may have been whispered to him, but answer to the question Trump frequently throws at him why he spent 47 years NOTHING he hadn't.

Biden, who confused Medicare with Medicaid and started talking about point three without first mentioning point two, surprised friend and foe by mentioning that he was the Green New Deal. NOT supports.



On his website states, however, that Joe Biden does support the Green New Deal is and that he agrees with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who fears mankind yet 12 years to go before the end of the world.

To be enraged progressive rank and file thinks so with this comment half van Biden's voters will now drop out.


Sleepy Joe hoped to score by talking about Donald Trump's income tax, which would only be $ 750 in the years 2016 and 2017, which is less than what a teacher returns.

The host of the evening also stayed hammering on the exact amount to which Trump promised soon to make his tax returns public, but he also pointed out to Joe Biden that it was really the Democrats who set the very favorable tax rules for millionaires and billionaires figured out had!

'Shush! ', Biden shouted to silence the president after Trump's frequent interruptions and hard facts that also laughed to Biden's'largest mouth mask ever seen'.

Trump, in turn, asked the presenter with whom he was actually sparring that night, as moderator Chris Wallace asked sharper questions than Democrat Biden.

Baffled America called the debate one shitshow and a pub fight with Chris Wallace as the wrestling referee.

The mystery remains:

Who needs an earpiece if you also have a microphone?

Everyone. Because no one can compete with comedian Trump, who says he still has plenty of time after the elections to roll out all his Republican plans.

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