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Jürgen Conings found dead by mayor on his bike

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Jürgen Konings probably found dead by mayor on his bike

This is the official story.

A body has been found in the search for Jürgen Conings.

Already have to move on research and an autopsy still officially confirm the find: It is Jürgen.

The body of Conings is said to have been found in the Dilserbos, where the police, the public prosecutor and the army had been looking for him for weeks.

On the edge of that forest, the police found his car the day after his disappearance, containing heavy weapons, including rocket launchers and a detonator that could have caused serious damage if the car had been opened, a so-called 'trip flare'. (source)

Hundreds, no, thousands of people on their feet with all the technology available to the government and the army has yielded nothing and the mayor promptly finds Jürgen's body while cycling on his mountain bike.

The mayor says he discovered the body in the municipality of Dilsen.

Mayor Tollenaere made a mountain bike tour through the region this morning and noticed a pungent corpse odor in Dilsen. He then immediately notified the emergency services and military personnel who are still on site for the search for Conings.

Tollenaere himself did not see the body, but everything points to Conings, various sources confirm. An autopsy and further on-site investigation should officially confirm Conings. The area has been searched for weeks. (source)

Marc van Ranst responds

“I assume my time here in the safe house will be over”, he says one in response.

“The crisis center will now look into that. I have a number of kindred spirits, who will have heard the news by now. It is twofold: I have little sympathy for the man, but he also has family and children, which is what my thoughts go to. How do I do it in the safe house? I've been here for a little over a month now. And it's my birthday today, a birthday alone. Anyway, I hope to return to normal life soon.”

“A birthday alone.” How dare he say it? People have died in solitude because of the nonsense he sold to his citizens.

This is the official story. Sounds plausible?

Whatever the story: We wish the people who loved Jürgen a lot of strength.

Mr Van Ranst: thousands of people in Belgium let us know #JeSuisJurgen (I am Jürgen). That safehouse will come in handy after cheating an entire nation.

Have a look. This scammer's lecture was before the corona crisis:
And media, police and governments can stand on their heads and intimidate because of statements like this. This man is a scammer. That's a fact. Here he explains how he lights things up. 


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And also:

Marc van Ranst? How do you feel now?

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