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Justice shuts down Telegram accounts for the first time over child abuse allegations

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Public Prosecution Service blocks Telegram groups of conspiracy theorists

That's what the NOS headlines.

Childlike. One-sided. Like we take everything for granted. Nothing about any truths about this. Nothing about the other side of the story. Never. The lips stay tight together.

And conspiracy theorists? What is the definition of this according to the NOS? What are “conspiracy theorists”? People who do not believe everything that is presented to them by the NOS? People who can think for themselves?

Fortunately, there are enough “conspiracy theorists” in the Netherlands to keep an eye on the gang of power-hungry crooks.

While more and more people of the Dutch people are starting to see the elephants in the room, Justice and the media are freaking out after a week of vehement allegations of child abuse and worse. Justice even shuts down Telegram accounts.

How can they do that? How does that work?

It all comes across as quite panicky and very corrupt. Fear of truths floating to the surface?

If nothing is going on here then you let it go and those involved can talk themselves out just fine here, with the truth on their side. You'd be shouting it from the rooftops if you're accused of something like that and you're innocent.

Bring on those witnesses and look them straight in the eye and deny the allegations and refute the evidence. That would be a normal reaction.

Unless you don't have the truth on your side. Unless you're not completely innocent.

Instead of coming forward, these people hide behind politics, the judiciary and the media. And that is what makes it clear: Something is going on here…

The NOS writes:

The Public Prosecution Service has had two channels of conspiracy theorists blocked on chat app Telegram. As a result, no new messages can be posted. It concerns The Batavian Republic and Batavian News. There, among other things, conspiracy theories were shared about satanic ritual infanticide. As far as we know, it is the first time that the judiciary has successfully blocked Telegram groups.

Those who visit the channels will see a banner from the Public Prosecution Service stating that they have been taken off the air in connection with criminal offences. Regional variants of the channels are still online.

According to the Public Prosecution Service, threats against public persons have been shared through the channels. Together they had more than 13.000 members.

New channel

It was alleged on the channels that RIVM prominent Jaap van Dissel committed satanic ritual infanticide in Bodegraven in the 80s. The judge previously ruled in preliminary relief proceedings that three men who spread the fabrications had to take their unfounded accusations offline, on the order of penalty payments and hostage-taking.

Last week, it was announced that a new channel would be posting videos containing threatening, inflammatory and defamatory content. The Public Prosecution Service then decided to take measures. The judge previously ruled that those videos contain prohibited content and may no longer be online. The now blocked channels also contained older content that is punishable and threatening. The announced new channel has been voluntarily removed by the owner.

Wouter R., Micha K. and Joost K.

The driving forces behind the 'Batavian' canals are now fixed: Wouter R. (53) was sentenced to nine months in prison, three of which were conditional for death threats against the lawyer of the municipality of Bodegraven and incitement against Jaap van Dissel. Earlier this month, he new offenses charged by the prosecution.

Conspiracy theorist Micha K. is detained in Northern Ireland and must appear on Friday in connection with an extradition request by the Netherlands. There are several international arrest warrants against him after reports from the RIVM and journalists who are slandered by him. K. also has to serve a prison sentence of six months for libel and slander. He was previously released on parole continued with slanderous remarks on social media and was therefore re-pinned.

Joost K., who claims to have recovered memories of satanic ritual infanticide by RIVM boss Jaap van Dissel, has been extradited from Spain and must appear in early December, just like Hans M. (56), who published an internet documentary about K.'s story made.

Furthermore there is one report in the article by Nieuwsuur reporter Rudy Bouma on this subject.


Real journalists would be on top of this. But nothing seems like a single journalist dares to show the other side. It is beginning to be very obvious that people are quite afraid that certain information will float to the surface.

Now we are also immediately confirmed how much influence Justice has on channels such as Telegram. Truth seekers and people who think differently than people would like to see are therefore closely monitored and if the Justice does not like it, you will be censored. They are chasing you as dissenters.

It's their club, and we're not part of it. We should keep our mouths shut and worry about corona. And for l*l walking with masks on because of an air-based "pandemic"

Yes, bye! Those times are becoming a thing of the past for more and more people.

In that respect, we live in very interesting times. Many masks are taken off and many cesspools are opened.



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