Kosovar President Thaçi resigns on war crime charges

Earlier this year, 52-year-old Thaçi also had to appear at the Kosovo Tribunal in The Hague (see https://commonsensetv.nl/president-van-kosovo-verdacht-van-oorlogsmisdaden/). Thaçi is said to have been accused of war crimes during the war with Serbia by a "special prosecutor".

He has now been officially charged. The former leader of the UÇK, the liberation army of Kosovo, is said to have more than a hundred gruesome murders to his name.

Earlier this year, Thaçi indicated that he would step down if formal charges were filed against him. This is to "protect the integrity of the Kosovo Presidency". Thaçi, however, denies the crimes he would commit.

Hashim Thaçi ruled Kosovo for more than 2008 years. He became the very first Prime Minister in 2016 and became President in XNUMX. It is not yet known who will be Thaçi's successor.

Kosovar President Thaçi charged with war crimes against Serbia | De Volkskrant




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