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US Air Force General Lieutenant McInerney: “Time is running out. The time is against us! ”

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General United States Air Force Lieutenant Thomas McInerney is a retired lieutenant general of the United States Air Force who served in top military positions under the President of the United States and the Secretary of Defense.

McInerney was a forward air traffic controller and fighter pilot during the Vietnam War and had flown 407 combat missions during his four shifts.

In addition to his service in Vietnam, McInerney served in NATO overseas; Pacific Air Forces and as Commander of the 11th Air Force in Alaska.

He received a BS degree from the United States Military Academy in 1959 and a Masters in International Relations from George Washington University in 1972. McInerney graduated from Armed Forces Staff College in 1970 and from National War College in 1973.

Now it makes little difference whether a General or the milkman speaks the truth. We no longer live in times when we blindly accept something from newspapers and people in high positions. Although…

But here is someone with status, experience and wisdom. (source)

Until now, because the sincere and retired United States Air Force General Lieutenant sees through the game and warns mankind.

Real journalists would be on top of this. But we all know by now that nothing but negative will be written by the mainstream media.

His Wikipedia will be updated quickly and a little while longer and you Googled his name first 3 pages of rubbish presented conspiracy theorist en fact checkers which him debunking.

Then you know that it is worthwhile to listen to those people. That makes sense as to what YouTube and Google have a reason to censor and demonize these people. Let a fool get the fuck, right?

A telling search result:


"Why are so many US Generals all of a sudden conspiracy thinkers?" 

Well… how would that come about? Maybe through real world wisdom and experience.

In the Netherlands, too, it is the old soldiers, and hopefully the entire army next week, who sound the alarm. (source) Then we'll work it out together.

We don't have time. The time is against us

This video was shot in the US just after the elections. When you have followed the alleged large-scale election fraud closely and viewed footage for dozens of hours, then no one can tell you that there was no large-scale election fraud and the incidents at and in the Capitol were a clear setup. No matter how loudly one shouts

In this video Lieutenant Thomas McInerney warns the Americans but indirectly also the entire Western world.

We will have to get up and become aware as a people that we are being lied to, oppressed, robbed and even murdered here.

“Every American out there will have to defend themselves. We know the history but now we are in the middle of it and so we have to spread it. We cannot surrender. ”

“We don't have time. The time is against us! ”



Inside the Capitol. What exactly happened?

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