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MEPs gather to defend fundamental rights of EU citizens

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MEPs gather to defend the fundamental rights of EU citizens

What the media won't show you.

Last week, MEPs gathered to protect civil rights and freedoms.

They oppose mandatory vaccination and the green power statement

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At the first press conference in Strasbourg on October 20, 2021, MEPs said that the fundamental rights of all EU citizens are now threatened by mandatory vaccination and misuse of the digital covid certificate.

They said:

“What we have seen in this crisis is that civil rights and freedoms are
transformed from fundamental rights into privileges that governments
grant or revoke at its discretion.”


In response to increased violations of fundamental human rights across the EU, MEPs adopted a common position defending the fundamental rights of all EU citizens, who are now threatened by mandatory vaccinations and misuse of the digital COVID-XNUMX virus. certificate .

At the first press conference in Strasbourg, on October 20, 2021, they also expressed the serious concerns of hundreds of staff working for the European Parliament who risk losing their jobs if they do not have the digital covid certificate, or the green certificate. .

Many MEPs refuse the vaccine.

The press conference called: “Defending fundamental rights by opposing the misuse of digital green certificates” was addressed by four MEPs: Christine Anderson (Germany, ID), Francesca Donato (Italy, NI), Ivan Vilibor Sinčić (NI, HR) and Cristian Terheş (ECR, RO).

“I call on all Europeans to stand up against any government that takes away our freedom, civil rights and freedoms.”

These MEPs have decided to give a voice to millions of European citizens who are fighting for their fundamental rights across the EU.

MEP Christine Anderson said after emphasizing the importance of human rights:

“Let me say this, I am not afraid of this virus. What I fear is that governments will abuse this, or any other "crisis", infringe on civil rights, revoke them, or question freedom altogether.

What we have seen in this crisis is that civil rights and freedoms have been transformed from fundamental rights to privileges that governments grant or revoke as they see fit. I call on all Europeans to stand up to any government that tries to take away our freedom, civil rights and liberties!”

Lawyer and MEP Francesca Donato said that:

“We have a really appalling situation in Europe today because human rights are not respected […] and peaceful protests are violently suppressed all over Europe.”

Coronapas is used as a means of coercion

The covid certificate, introduced as a tool to facilitate free movement, is now used by national governments in many countries as a "mandatory" passport for any social activity, including employment - she said - setting the example of Italy.

“And so we are forcing citizens to undergo invasive and risky health treatments because the informed consent citizens must sign to receive the vaccines is not free: it is extorted consent. So even if people have medical contraindications to receiving vaccines, they are required to take it. They are forced to do it because they would lose their jobs, lose their fundamental rights if they didn't. And when these people have side effects, even very serious side effects, they don't get free help. Even the reports of side effects are very rare. The data of adverse effects that we can read on newspapers is simply underestimated.

So we have a medical issue that has become a democratic issue. We all have to stand for the defense of human rights in Europe today, we all have to do it together and we have to do it now,” she concluded.

Member of Parliament Ivan Sinčić said that:

“It is really sad to see freedoms, rights and the rule of law in Europe being jeopardized today. Unfortunately, in some countries you cannot keep your job without a Digital Green Declaration, you cannot enter public buildings without DGC, you cannot enter a shop without DGC”.

He described the Digital Green Certificate “as a license to spread and infect” the “a false sense of security” because it does not protect the person from getting or spreading the virus.

The Digital Green Power Certificate “is completely illogical, unscientific and must be abandoned”, he added.

Sinčić also stated verbatim:

“I fully support the staff of the European Parliament in their functions. The views of non-discrimination, non-segregation, the freedom to come to the workplace. This is their workplace with us, the MEPs.”

“My message to the staff is simple: you are not alone and fight for your rights! We will fight with you!” he concluded.

MEP Cristian Terhes quoted from Article 46 of the original Digital Green Certificate Regulation, which set out the European Parliament's desire to uphold fundamental human rights.

“Well, if we look now, a few months after this Green Declaration was imposed in the European Union, we see the exact opposite, that all these rights that would be protected by this regulation are now actually being violated. People can no longer work and live under the threat of losing their jobs and livelihoods if they do not have this certificate. Is this the type of European Union that we want to build, that we want to accept?” Terhes said.

Hundreds of people working for Parliament face the threat “that sooner or later, if they don't have this Green Power Certificate, they will lose their jobs. But they haven't done anything wrong. This is the absurd situation. This is not fair to them, it is not fair to the citizens of this Union and it is not fair to all of us.” For these reasons, “we are here for you and we will fight for you,” Terhes concluded.

The positions that these Members of the European Parliament have put forward publicly, in defense of fundamental rights, including of the staff working for the European Parliament, are shared by many others, who will unite to conduct an active opposition against the ongoing attacks on fundamental rights caused by the misuse of the Digital covid certificate.

A second press conference was held on October 28.

The subtitles were not done by us but it is easy to follow:

This was the first press conference, a week earlier:


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