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No, unfortunately this story is not about a picturesque town in Germany.

This story is about how to proceed with the plandemic.

'They', the heads of government under the banner of the WEF, already know, for us there is still a lot of guesswork.

After more than a year and a half of panicking about a sars-cov-2 virus and in-depth investigations into the origin of this terrible virus, the virus is still not there.

In Spain, the Supreme Court has ordered the government to provide proof that the virus exists by October 6, 2021. The government has not been able to provide that proof. How this will turn out, we'll see.

After more than a year and a half of research, I start to imagine how the whole game actually works:

The flu is a disease that, for as long as we can remember, can affect humans to a greater or lesser degree. And that in almost all countries of the world. The flu is at the root of this planned epidemic. We have 500 years of described experience with the flu. We know that it affects a significant number of people each year in a mild way and also a significant number of people with serious complaints. A new label has been put on the ancient flu and a huge magnifying glass has been placed on anyone who has had mild or severe flu symptoms.

But this alone would not be enough to create a global panic. After all, the flu is just part of our lives and we've never had a global panic about it before. So something else had to be added. And that became the RT-PCR test. With the help of this test it is possible to label large groups of people who are not ill at all, who are not contagious, who do not suffer from anything at all, as 'infected patients'.

This whole plan has been thoroughly prepared.

The 'covid-2017 pcr test' was already ready in 19. The validation documents (including the droste paper) were also ready to be submitted to the American and European health authorities. And from the moment the flu was relabeled as Covid-19 somewhere in the world, in this case in China, and classified as a life-threatening new virus, the game has started. When the new terrible virus was first reported, the PCR test requests were submitted and approved the very next day.

Now you will say: Yes, but what about the laboratory and the live animal market in Wuhan. The virus would either have come from the market via a mutation of a bat virus, or it would have been created, consciously or not, in the lab and released, consciously or not.

Well, dear people, everything that is going on around the alleged origin of the alleged virus is nothing but a diversionary manoeuvre.

In the first instance, attention should be paid to the terrible consequences of the new virus, but large-scale attention is also being paid to the search for the origin of something that is not there at all.

She succeeded.

The flu in a different guise, everyone has a cotton swab in their nose, the press is massively deployed to further beat the story and the complete panic in almost the entire world is a fact.

The solution: poison syringes for everyone. Those poison syringes are also not developed as quickly and quickly (cobbled together) as people would have you believe. Years of preparation have gone into this and the syringes serve a different purpose than to cure you of a non-existent disease caused by a non-existent virus. We will see that in the coming years.....


But the game is getting a little overdone. Okay, there are still hordes of people who are still completely brainwashed on and off the bekpamper on command and stand in line for the corona passport and again and again a follow-up syringe. But the PCR lie test can no longer be sustained, the large numbers of Covid-19-related hospitalization lies can no longer be sustained, the large numbers of deaths from the killer virus can no longer be sustained and the devastating damage from the poison injections has also been reduced. no longer sweeping under the rug. Denmark and Sweden are now very cautious about the spraying experiment. Iceland recently stopped the entire spray experiment. Yes, not only for the young, for the entire population it has been concluded that the syringe does more harm than good.

It has not yet been proven anywhere that the syringe would do anything good.

In America, a large-scale study has been conducted among (among others) 550.000 people who have received 2 vaccines and who had not previously had a Covid-19 disease. Incidentally, you are only vaccinated from 2 weeks after your 2nd injection. That is also a handy trick to manipulate the numbers. Both the number of people who still get sick and the number of people who die anyway and the number of people who die after the poison injection; if the 2nd syringe was put in less than 2 weeks ago, you will be registered as unvaccinated. Think about that when the mainstream media pours some numbers on you again.

Just look at the graph with the results of the poison syringes.


Keep in mind that very few people were fully vaccinated in the first few months. That was not achieved for most Americans until late April or early May.

Perhaps the y-axis on the graph is a bit confusing. It's about the infections per day. On a monthly basis, it amounts to 7% of what they call breakthrough infections. Mind you, this is about people who really get sick. From the syringe or from the flu or from the combination. Who knows may say!

This study clearly shows that there is simply no longer any discussion about the effectiveness of the 'vaccines'. The only studies that show any effectiveness are the studies that are done or financed by the pharma companies themselves.

Anyone who wants to participate in the spraying experiment, be my guest, but leave the healthy and awake people alone. hugo!


An outbreak has occurred among patients and staff of a major hospital in Israel. Most patients and staff were vaccinated. A group of people had not been vaccinated. Take a look at the results for yourself:


Serious complaints and deaths only occur in the vaccinated.

Only mild complaints occur in the non-vaccinated.


It is possible for a while to lie to people that the fully vaccinated die in hospital because there are unvaccinated people who pose a great danger to the vaccinated, but at some point even Hugo the Younger will stop this lie with his chatter can defend.



Pfizer is now busy arranging emergency authorization to allow the poison syringe to be injected into small children (under 12 years of age). Nothing is known yet about how the syringe works in small children. About the side effects. These are similar for small children to the side effects in adults and children over 12 years of age.

The effectiveness of the syringe in small children cannot be demonstrated either, simply because the alleged covid-19 does not occur in small children at all.


Soon it will also be babies and toddlers' turn.


It will all be too complicated for most people. They just do what is told. I had thought that the QR code requirement to enter a restaurant or cafe would herald the end of this terror campaign. But nothing is less true. As loyal descendants of the NSB members, the owners of the catering establishments carry out the orders of the reign of terror.

Later they will say: “Wir haben es nicht gewüst”,

but executing orders simply means that you are aware, that you are executing it and that you are therefore 100% partly guilty of these crimes.

There was still widespread protest in France. Hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets in all cities. The crowds were in many cases so large that the state thugs could not compete. In Italy, the thugs have gone out to beat up and gas protesters again. In the Netherlands, a handful (relatively speaking anyway) gathered for a peaceful march through Amsterdam. Cheerfully waving flags. And shall I let you in on a secret? mark and hugo shit themselves in fear. Such a large crowd of people who do not agree with the WEF policy they have implemented. Oh, oh, oh….. What next???

Oh yes, there was also a lawsuit.

The lawyer who filed the case against the unconstitutional QR discrimination was convinced that he was right. But apparently he has been sleeping for the past eighteen months, because being (constitutionally) legally right or not, that doesn't matter anymore. A judge who would dare to administer justice……. “Function elsewhere”. And that position elsewhere in such a case is not chairman of some shady committee, but probably chief of Appelscha's garbage disposal service.


What now?

But no matter how hard they try, how unbelievably they can keep on lying, the old plan demic is getting a bit worn out. If you didn't read newspapers or watch the news, there would be no pandemic at all.

You may be wondering what the next step in the build back better process will be? Something new has to come up to keep the panic going. Panic is the basis of this planned epidemic. Because no panic also means no power.


The Marburg virus could well be pulled out of the closet for this.



Marburg will be the new pandemic, the new virus that is likely to be unleashed on us soon.

Originating from bats, meerkats and monkeys, so an ideal virus to use for a new epidemic.

A panic pandemic of unprecedented magnitude.

The mortality of this new virus is between 25 and 92%.

And exactly the same restrictions and measures as with the corona virus must be taken. You hear it from the mouth of thedros, Bill Gates' selected pull-puppet as head of the WHO.


Marburg is a virus, invented or not, we never know that nowadays, that gives a disease that corresponds to the serious complaints that occur with the covid-19 vaccines. So that's killing two birds with one stone: The damage done by the poison syringes can be attributed to the new virus and the depopulation enters a new phase.

The diagnosis of the Marburg virus is difficult, because the symptoms initially resemble those of other (infectious) diseases, such as flumalaria en typhus.

The disease has a incubation period from 2 to 10 days. Then suddenly appearing feverheadache en muscle strain. Within a week a maculopapular develops skin rash (skin rash with spots and nodules) followed by vomiting, chest pain, abdominal pain and diarrhoea. The disease can subsequently become progressively more severe, and may be accompanied by jaundice, an delirium, deranged liver function and extensive bleeding. Recovery from the disease takes a long time, there may still be swelling of the testes, returning hepatitis, and inflammation of the spinal cordeyes or the salivary glands performance.


Bill Gates announced a year ago that the next virus, the next pandemic, is going to get attention. With a big grin on the faces of him and his (ex) wife.

I wrote about it a long time ago and posted a video about it. But here's the video one more time:


This plan also starts as a fight to supposedly protect the people from the pandemic and will soon turn into a fight against the people to protect the plan.

There is no vaccine yet, but we are working hard on it. So roll up your sleeves already.


Oh, in the meantime, a little something about the vaccine damage:

agnes Kant noch wal (you know, that political nitwit who got a dearly paid job as head of the Lareb) stated that no more vaccine damage should be reported because they already had enough research work with the reports they already have. So we have nothing to do with that. But the BPOC2020 had already drawn that conclusion.

But meanwhile, more and more testimonials from doctors and nurses are emerging. More and more testimonials are popping up from people who tell their story about themselves or their loved ones via social media.

Meanwhile, the effect of ivermectin can no longer be denied. Well, of course they continue to do that because for a year and a half that use has not been allowed in most countries associated with WEF and the WHO. But they have come up with a trick for that too: Merck has invented a 'new' pill (ivermectin in a different packaging and with a different name) and that pill, in combination of course with the poison syringe, will heal you. Well, we'll see how the combination of those 2 brews works out. Ivermectin is so far the best proven remedy for this flu variant. Oh, and one more thing, treatment with ivermectin costs at most 2 bucks. Ivermectin in the Merck jacket will cost $700 pp.



So this is it. I don't know if the virus will really cause much damage. I suspect not. What will happen is that an even bigger panic pandemic will be created. The Marburg vaccine, which everyone is queuing for in panic fear, must be the main culprit.

For those who don't know Bill that well: His goal is to significantly thin the world's population. He has learned this from childhood from his father, who also considered it his life's task. I was going to dig a little deeper into the person gates, but there's no getting around to it. This creature is the devil in birth. He made his fortune as the founder of Microsoft and the operating system msdos (later windows). Through connections (relatives in IBM's senior management) he managed to make his system the world standard for computers. He seems to have cheated his business partners and co-founders of Microsoft in an incredible way, but I don't know the details of that. When he left his position at Microsoft, he presented himself as a philanthropist. In reality, the bill and melinda gates foundation is nothing more than a vehicle to avoid paying taxes and its philanthropic actions have so far resulted in injecting many Indian and African girls (paid for by the Netherlands, among others) with vaccines that cause infertility. have had a consequence. gates has invested heavily in viruses, virus research and vaccinations. he is very closely involved in the entire organization of this corona hoax and vaccination terror. His fortune has already exceeded $100 billion, but the earnings he earns from the vaccines that everyone has to be injected worldwide makes that amount even paler. In the end he will fulfill his goal and the great wish of his father: An enormous oppression and thinning of the world population.

There may still be people who think that (almost) all government leaders around the world, all pursuing the same agenda, are all doing so individually. But logically that is out of the question.

All the governments of the whole world are united!

Well, a few aren't, but those have since been eliminated. Nothing like this has ever happened in the history of mankind and it is impossible for it to happen without direction from above. And by above I don't mean our creator. I sincerely hope that our creator will intervene at some point. But history teaches us that atrocities can go on indefinitely and millions, if not billions, can simply fall victim to figures like mao, stalin, hitler, pol pot, idi amin, thedros, bill gates, klaus schwab, mark rutte, the croo, Merkel, Macron, Sanchez and many, many others.

If no one stands up to stop the criminals now at work, there will be many more victims.

And no, we are not going to win in court………


Spread the freedom!

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