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Marxist Jan Lamming wants to kill Pietermanknecht

The sidewalk of the house of the mayor of Zaanstad Jan Hamming was brightened up in the night from Saturday to Sunday with the texts' Hello Zwarte Piet 'and' Welcome Saint! '.

The Zwarte Pieten Action Group has claimed the action.

Hugo Kuijper, associated with the Zwarte Pieten Action group, says the mayor Jan Hamming everything about it tries to do for Zwarte Piet to finish create at the Sinterklaasintocht.

'While he is not about that at all as mayor! '

Photo: Mayor of Zaanstad Jan Hamming (Labor)

De Zwarte Pieten Action group regularly performs these actions through the whole country. The group is for the preservation of the traditional caricature from Zwarte Piet.

Hugo Kuijper is also associated with the group Right in Resistance.

Traitor Erik Schaap of the Bureau Discrimination Affairs Zaanstreek-Waterland therefore calls Hugo an Islamophobic and a right-wing extremist for the sake of convenience. ”

Kuijper says that his beautiful sidewalk drawings remain within the bounds of the law.

And the mayor's spokesman just wants to say the action not punishable and that the mayor is therefore not a declaration may going to do.

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