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May 5th, what deliverance?

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May 5th, what deliverance?

On May 5, we will be celebrating the 76th day of the liberation of the Germans.

Funny that we don't commemorate, let alone celebrate, the liberation of the French under Napoleon. Is it because we assume that the last enemy was defeated in May 1945?

It depends on how we look at it. Can you celebrate Liberation Day if in the meantime you (have) oppressed other peoples (Indonesia) or have a military presence in other countries (currently in Afghanistan, among others)?
Are you liberated if you are taken hostage by your own government?

Let's run it chronologically. We fell into a war in 1940 because a number of very rich and powerful men had planned a war and had provided the warring factions on both sides with abundant war material. For a fee, of course, substantial payment. The Germans against the Communists of Stalin. When Hitler - together with Japan in particular - became too powerful, action had to be taken. The Americans (US and Canada) became our heroes, but that hero status came at a price, even if the help afterwards seemed like a godsend. After all, thanks to Marshall aid, Europe was able to re-establish itself.

However, this Marshall Aid was not a charity. Far from it. A prosperous Europe was a huge market for the super-sized American companies. Thanks to the expansion of especially American multinationals, Europe came into the sphere of influence of the US, with all the restrictions and conditions that entailed. The intertwining of interests in each other's companies has created a pyramid of business conglomerations with BlackRock and Venguard as all-in-one asset managers. They even have interests in each other. These two giants include all banks, chemical giants, pharmaceuticals, department stores, oil companies, ICT companies, food producers and all branches that are still missing in this list.

Venguard and BlackRock rule us. After all, they also own AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson and Moderna. They, with a leading role for 'philanthropist' Bill Gates, determine what the WHO commands: lecture notes, taken over by the RIVMs of all countries in the world. One of these will most likely be a passport, with which you can prove that you have been vaccinated against Covid-19. Adjusted every year, because spraying has to be done every year due to the advancement of mutants.
People who refuse to be vaccinated do not receive a safeguard passport, a kind of reversed Star of David from WWII. No freedoms without a passport. But with a passport, the freedoms are also limited. The 1.5 meters and mouth masks remain mandatory. A lockdown and a curfew in 2021 certainly do not attest to freedom.

Meanwhile, it is reported that Allied forces are being recalled from Afghanistan. Far too early, according to houwegen general retired Van Uhm. It is not yet safe there, the Taliban have resurrected and there is no democracy in the country yet.
As if military intervention has ever produced democracy somewhere. Gaddafi was murdered and Libya turned from a relatively quiet country with many facilities for its own people into a battleground of unprecedented atrocities.
Saddam Hussein of Iraq was killed and the country led into civil war after he first waged war against the American enemy Iran for years as a friend of the US. Nowhere where the US intervened by force did they leave a democracy after withdrawal. Not from Vietnam to now Afghanistan. The latter country - but also Iraq - was attacked after 9/11. This mock attack, which was blamed on the axis of evil, to give the Americans united in feelings of revenge legitimacy to kill IS and Al Qaeda. These terrorist organizations, calling themselves freedom fighters, have caused more suffering in Arab countries than in the west.

Because one of the NATO rules states that an attack on 1 country is an attack on all NATO countries, the Netherlands was also dragged into war after the staged attack on the Twin-Touwers. The Netherlands sent a contingent of soldiers, the last of whom will now be withdrawn. An estimated 110.000 Afghans and 42.000 Taliban have died. About 3.500 victims fell on NATO side, including 25 Dutch soldiers. Now all that remains is a retreat to no avail. In any case, friends have not been made in the region. However, the Dutch armed forces have won widespread admiration. What a profit! But also with the relatives of the victims there?

The fact that the Netherlands had to come along indicates that we are not a free country. The pyramid executives at BlackRock and Venguard ruled there and are now determining again in a global corona hysteria. During the Covid waves (in the case of the flu, every year after each wave, we were neatly counted from zero) by puppets - including the professional ignorants Rutte and De Jonge - of the same pyramid, supplemented by Bill Gates.

We are by no means a free country, certainly not a democracy. Could it be that we should celebrate not having to speak German? Because what Hitler could not achieve by force of arms, the EG has succeeded, under the direction of the pyramid. We are part of Greater Germany with the capital Brussels, vassal of the pyramid.

Commemorating all victims on 4 May, including those in Indonesia and those who resist the domination of all-determining capital as resistance heroes, is of vital importance. But celebrating May 5 is hypocritical, it can be canceled!

We are not free, since May 10, 1940.

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