Message for the lost laugh muscles.

A news item to strengthen the laughing muscles lost in times of "crisis".

Danny from CommonSense sometimes likes to use the term "Comedy Capers" as "comic capers". A more free translation is “comical bokkesprongen”.

Now, with this one.

Chicago agents may soon need permission before chasing a suspect on foot

 Mayor Lori Lightfoot is considering a major change to Chicago police procedure: officers must obtain supervisor approval before embarking on a chase.

"No one should die as a result of a chase," she said.


The mayor promised to reveal details of a new policy “soon”.

The matter took on new urgency after an officer chased and fatally shot Adam Toledo. Video of the incident shows the 13-year-old dumping what looks like a firearm for a split second before turning and raising his hand. Toledo was apparently handed the gun by Ruben Roman, who reportedly had just used it to fire eight rounds at a passing vehicle. Apparently no one was hit.

Personal injury attorney Arturo Jauregui called a press conference to push for reform.

"This is a tragedy that could and should have been avoided if the police had had clear procedures for using lethal force against children in car chases," said Jauregui.

The rewriting of police policy in all chases has now become a hot topic at City Hall. Councilor Brian Hopkins says an official in the mayor's office told him that officers may be required to do what is now required for a pursuit to do what is now required for a pursuit: get clearance from higher up.

How to get away when being chased on foot

"That, of course, raises obvious problems," said Hopkins. In the time it would take to do that, the person you're supposed to be chasing is actually long gone. The point would then be up for discussion. '

Hopkins noted an unintended consequence of the pursuit policy.

"We are seeing more vehicles fleeing from police officers, as it has become known that they are unlikely to be allowed to pursue," he said.

The mayor acknowledged the dilemma on Monday.

"I don't want people who are dangerous to think," well, if I just run, then I'm safe. I can continue to wreak havoc. "We can't live in that world either," said Lightfoot.

Hopkins says it's high time to rewrite Chicago's current vague rules.

“I'm sure the agents agree with me. The more guidance we can give them, the more comfortable they will feel having to make these important decisions in an instant, ”Hopkins said.


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