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Merkel: Half-hearted refusers will be harshly punished by the virus itself

Merkel placed Germany in a second lockdown yesterday.

She says halfhearted refusers will be harshly punished by the virus if they try to throw a spanner in the works.

During the pitch talk she announced that only as all Germans Well behaved work with them, be it the month of December somewhat bearable will be able to get through.

"Because otherwise Christmas will be canceled!"

Decadent New Year's Eve parties are already there prohibited in advance declared.

Among other things, cinemas, theaters, gyms, swimming pools, restaurants and all other catering establishments must close.

The population is just under house arrest, but they visit each other mag not anymore.

Outside you can only 'mix' with one other household.

The 16 States of Germany are implementing this second lockdown to decree and there are slight differences in rules by state.

Angela Merkel warns 'conspiracy madmen' not to try to undermine the lockdown.

Many restaurants, tattoo parlors, gyms, hairdressers, pubs and hotels have gone to the judge stepped down for violating their fundamental rights. But this was one wasted effort.

The new rules apply from November 2 to November 30, 2020.


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