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Merkel keeps going. How can you speak to adult citizens like that?

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Merkel is yet another crazed EU leader

Merkel already called for ANY European ski areas to close. (source)

During a statement in which she gave a state of play on the corona situation in Germany, the Chancellor said that each REDUNDANT contact should be avoided.

Fact: In Germany, among the population of 85.000.000 people, no one dies from corona. Being struck by lightning is more likely.

Merkel, like other (EU) leaders, is completely out of control and must be protected from himself, but above all to protect the German people.

Door: Michael van Laack - Translation: EJ Source

"Don't you really understand how hurtful and out of touch it appears to mature, articulate citizens when the state plays governess and presumes to graciously beg what should be allowed on holidays and what should be prohibited?"

After I got today's speech by Alice Weidel on the government statement "Overpowering the Covid-19 Pandemic" first heard, this sentence was the first I could write down by heart, because it sums up yesterday's drama in a few words.

Financial disaster and uncertainty

“The collateral damage from your corona policy is already greater than the damage caused by the virus itself. You have caused the greatest damage to our economy, our middle class and our legal and constitutional order through the so-called population protection law. ” With these words, the group leader of the AfD opened her speech today. And indeed we see that the uncertainty and rashness of the German government in the pandemic is becoming visible to more and more citizens.

A committee with no legal authority to do so (not even according to the infection protection law) will decide in a small committee, outside the German parliament, what should apply to 80 million Germans in the coming weeks. Then the next day the Chancellor generously informs Parliament about the decisions of this committee. Since the energy transition personally proclaimed by Merkel at the latest, violations of law and legal breaches are the order of the day in the best Germany of all Merkel times. Democracy degenerates into a - in part even poorly staged - play. Premières of various Merkel symphonies that are too poorly orchestrated.

Deployment of water cannons was the low point of democratic constitution

"State of emergency measures must follow clear, verifiable and strictly limited criteria and be subject to close parliamentary scrutiny," said Alice Weidel. With the enacted infection protection law, also referred to as the “enabling law”, the government would have written a blank check for itself to avoid being harassed by courts in the future.

A "Conkelfoes Commission, not provided for in the Constitution, consisting of the Federal Chancellery and Minister-Presidents of the states", would have "met in the virtual back room" and made far-reaching decisions.

Espionage and application poison the social climate ...


Door: Michael van Laack - Translation: EJ Source



Merkel: 'No skiing holiday for Tropical Danny'

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