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Muslim brotherhood calls for contaminating embassies with corona

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Bahgat Saber, an Egyptian Islamist and activist of the Muslim brotherhood  in New York, has flu-like symptoms on its own and makes the following call.

“If you are infected with corona take revenge !!! Get revenge on Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi. Avenge your honor, the honor of your women, of the prisoners and the oppressed, ”said Egyptian Muslim Brother Baghat Saber in his appeal. (source)

“Go to the embassies. Shake hands with people. If you do die from corona, then why would you die alone! ”

“Infected Politicians !! Take advantage of the situation. Maybe, with God's help we can teach Al-Sisi a lesson !! ”

These are the beautiful words of Bahgat Saber, an Egyptian Islamist living in New York.

“Egyptians abroad must also participate in this action. Go to embassies and consulates and infect as many Egyptian officials as possible !! ”

“This is legal and constitutional revenge. There is no law prohibiting you from visiting the consulate. They are all corrupt sons of whores, I have had to deal with them for years. I am done!!"

“If I get corona, I will immediately go to the Consulate of Egypt here in New York. So if you feel snotty or have a fever, go to the Egyptian embassies and the corrupt media companies. Infect them all !! ”

People complain to me: “Oh, I can't do anything against them. We don't have machine guns, we don't have F16s, but now, now there is CORONA! So stop complaining and get revenge !! Take all Al-Sissi's friends to the grave !! ”.



Current Egyptian President Abdel Al-Sisi was trained as a military officer in England and in the United States trained at the United States Army War College in Pennsylvania.

When Mohammed Morsi, LEADER of the Freedom and Justice Party and MEMBER of the Muslim Brotherhood, was elected President of Egypt by the Egyptians after the Egyptian Revolution / Arab Spring of 2011, Al-Sisi was appointed Minister of Defense by Morsi .

On July 2, 2013, Al-Sisi, who had also become a commander-in-chief, committed a MILITARY COUP.

Muslim Brother Morsi was impeached and the interim government dismantled the Muslim Brotherhood. Muslim Brotherhood was labeled a criminal organization and BANNED. All Muslim Brothers were imprisoned or KILLED, especially during the Rabaa massacre of August 14, 2013, hundreds died.

On June 8, 2014, Al-Sisi had herself sworn in as President of Egypt. He gave unbridled power to the military. Al-Sisi is considered a tyrant and a dictator.

His opponents were all eliminated in the 2018 Egyptian elections. Sami Anan was arrested by soldiers and since then NEVER has heard from him again, he simply disappeared.

Ahmed Shafik, who also tried to take the gauntlet against Al-Sisi, was slapped with a surfaced sex tape.

Khaled Ali and Mohammed Anwar el-Sadat felt compelled to CUTE their election campaigns because of impossible obstacles illegally erected by Al-Sisi's government.

Muslim Brother and ex-President Mohammed Morsi, who has been in prison since his impeachment, died in court of a HEART ATTACK in June 2019.

Call Baghat Saber:


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