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The Democrats had a meeting at the White House today with Donald Trump.

They met on the issues Syria, ISIS and Erdoğan. The Democrats are strongly opposed to the withdrawal of US troops Syrie. They believe that captured ISIS fighters can now very easily escape and pose a danger to the USA.

They think Trump's answer to this is a joke. Trump states that Assad and Erdoğan themselves really know how to handle ISIS prisoners and that the Americans have nothing left to look for.

Pelosi came out during the press conference this morning with the story that Trump was a 'meltdown'would have had in the conference room in it White House. Nancy Pelosi: "Trump called me a THIRD GRADE politician!"

He shouted and said very insulting and derogatory things to me and other Democrats. He scorned that we Democrats will be delighted that there is interference from Syria COMMUNISTS".

Furious stormed Nancy Pelosi away from the meeting.

Trump employees later came with the statement that the discussions went much better WITHOUT the presence of Nancy Pelosi.

Pelosi press conference:


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