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Netherlands escapes attack: PENALTIES for 6 Jihadists

The six Arnhem terror suspects who are on trial for suspecting an attack in the Netherlands were heard on Friday from the public prosecutors. The prosecutors had announced that they needed 5,5 hours for their requisitoir to prove that the Netherlands escaped an attack.

The six suspects, ages 22 to 36, have been detained for 21 months now terrorism departments of the penal institutions in Vught and De Schie in Rotterdam.

Four of them were arrested on September 2018, XNUMX holiday resort in Weert, where they will be in front of police-infiltrants in a holiday home BOMVESTEN fit and with disabled kalashnikovs practiced.

The other suspects were arrested at home addresses in Vlaardingen and Arnhem. During searches, the police found fertilizers and chemicals, according to justice enough to be one half kilo explosives to make.

During the second session in the extra-secure court in Rotterdam, it appeared that prime suspect Hardi N. (36) had plans to plot a terrorist attack on the Gay Pride or at a military barracks.

The public prosecutor states that one of the suspects in any case really would not have participated in the attack, he was 'not ready for that'. But he was aware, stood by it and made sure of it Hardi N. at money could come.

Requirement Shevan A .: 8 year cell with deduction

Requirement Nabil B .: 13 year in prison with detention

Requirement Morat M .: 13 year in prison with detention

Requirement Nadeem S .: 15 year in prison with detention

Requirement Waïl el A .: 20 one year in prison, less detention. This suspect is also suspected of attempted police murder.

Claim against Hardi N .: 18 year imprisonment minus pretrial detention

Hardi N. has previously been convicted of jihadist activities.

A behavior-influencing and freedom-restricting measure is also being taken against all suspects.

The suspects together formed one life-threatening terrorist organizationsaid the prosecutor after listing what was going on IS related material has been found on various computers and telephones. 'They wanted an ISinspired commit an attack '.

Prime suspect Hardi N. has so far mainly relied on his right to remain silent, but came up with a statement of regret on Wednesday. He says he's radicalized because he brainwashed would be through Undercover AIVD agents. His chat conversations with them would be on a telephone that is during an investigation with the justice 'lost'.

Infiltrators are required by law one passive take attitude during their undercover work, provocation is forbidden.

Police infiltrators are not allowed to let AIVD agents do things they do themselves CANNOT as a police undercover officer and then via an official message in the dossier businesses emerge.

The AIVD claims that the charges were there before the infiltration took place.

But it seems very much that the advanced actors took a bit too much into their role.

The fact that both the police and the AIVD conducted an investigation is called 'a pearl investigation' and that is permitted.

Hardi N. explained during the meeting with the undercover officer that he needed help committing one attack op an event.

He told the police undercover officer that he had dreamed that he had been ordered by the Prophet to attack and that he needed help from those who had knowledge of weapons.

That the Gay Pride and multiple LGBTQ parades were targeted prime suspect Hardi N. (36) have stated during his contacts with a infiltrator of the police. The judge read on Friday from statements by this police infiltrator.

The group also had a plan to attack an army base jogging soldiers the file the judge quoted from, it appeared.

Pictures Kalashnikov training in bungalow park:


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