New York - Catering establishments are suing Governor Andrew Cuomo

A group of New York City restaurants have filed a lawsuit against Governor Andrew Cuomo over the state's coronavirus rules. According to the lawsuit, the restaurants are struggling to keep up as the rules regarding the pandemic continue to change.

The lawsuit involves 70 New York City bars and restaurants, reports Eater new york . However, the restaurants are not complaining about specific coronavirus-related regulations. Instead, the lawsuit reportedly focuses on how the city regularly changes its rules. (source)

Andrew Cuomo


Eater reports that the restaurants have already spent thousands of dollars making their business "corona proof" to comply with regulations. These changes include: ensuring that dining spaces conform to social distances and building or expanding outdoor dining areas.

After spending so much money to make these changes, the city changed its coronavirus rules over and over without warning.

The lawsuit is reportedly seeking compensatory and punitive damages for the catering businesses. This for the current and lasting consequences that the corona measures and orders have had on the restaurants.

This isn't the first lawsuit the state of restaurants has faced regarding the coronavirus.

Fox News reported earlier that a restaurant owner in New York State is joining others in a lawsuit against Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo, in which he said it was `` hard to see '' his customers going to restaurants in a nearby county instead of his because of the less restrictive coronavirus measures. (source)

“Here we are in our busiest season and many of our customers just go a few miles away, in some cases across the street and dine in”, Greg Duell, co-owner of Duff's in Erie County, said, " Fox & Friends First "on Tuesday. (source)

On the other side are large restaurants that are allowed to remain open. The virus doesn't seem to fly there.


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