1 + 1 = 2 right? or is nitrogen to blame here too?

What I ask myself is which mathematical formula is used in The Hague to calculate volume and division?

I think I am aware, as everyone who has attended primary school that the result of the sum 1 + 1 is still 2. And that if I have a bucket of 10 liters, I will not get XNUMX liters in it.

Could be an image of, with the text The last drop that makes the bucket overflow could be the start of a new approach .... quotes by bp


How can it be that The Hague is causing the Netherlands to overflow? in the sense of adding more volume than there is to packaging or space.

I'm just talking about the number of existing homes and the number of homes expected to be built.

According to research agency ABF Research, there is now a housing shortage of about 300.000, which has been tracking that shortage for years on behalf of the government.

Now the number of immigrants alone is about 219.250 annually, not including the number of people entering the housing market each year.

Of course there are also people who emigrate from the Netherlands, such 151 671 persons from the Netherlands, The migration balance (the immigration minus the emigration) will then amount to approximately 67 579 persons +.

As a result, see the forecast below.

New construction is expected to fall again in the coming years, because the issuance of building permits is temporarily halted due to the nitrogen and pfas problem: (The abbreviation PFAS stands for poly and perfluoroalkyl substances)

I will also spare you the sermon on "making housing affordable" or "making it more accessible for certain groups" of the housing market, etc., because this does not change the simple calculation including the outcome in favor of ………… .. idd , You!

And I know this has been going on for years, but in the end, if the government does not stop filling something that becomes overfilled, the outcome will not be 2, but

  so this.

Provided this outcome is also the objective.

Ah, sustainable development goals let's say.


Source: https://www.cbs.nl/nl-nl/dossier/dossier-asiel-migratie-en-integratie/hoeveel-immigranten-komen-naar-nederland-#:~:text=In%202020%20immigreerden%20219%20250,minder%20dan%20een%20jaar%20eerder.


What are the parties saying about farmers and nitrogen? source: rtv north

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