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Notice to our authors and readers

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Top! We have completely boarded up our site again! It's fast, no security issues, no Ddos attacks (knock on it, they can always come back, and we've bought a program for the authors under so that everyone can see what his or her article is doing and other statistics. (We do NOT want Google Analytics) .

Functions perfectly! Only it increases the server load. Result: Website may be slower. Result: Something again! Solution? See if we can adjust something that he refreshes the statistics every 6 minutes or something instead of every 8 seconds. That's definitely the culprit.

But it's important and so we're going to see if it's possible. And if so: How?

It is very important because we have a video site ready. We need a fast website for that. We have purchased a dedicated server for it.

Your answer was clear and so we respond to it. We will remain active. We are now also on GAB and MeWe and we are moving to multiple platforms. There are even more alternatives on offer wherever we go.

Yesterday it was full of share buttons. It was to try. We recently asked you whether or not we will continue on social media. We have listened to you. After that I had to go to the hospital and I left everything, so it was a bit of a mess. Excuse.

Then we have another problem with the outgoing mail. I receive everything but cannot send. That will be resolved today. It has to do with the encryption. Some people want to have their privacy guaranteed and I can only promise that if only 1 person (in this case me) monitors the emails and we have a good encrypted mail client. So now so good that outgoing emails don't work.

If the MSM just did their job then we can do something fun. Can we go fishing again or something?

For the moment we are turning the Statistics program OFF. This is to make sure that it loads the server as much. And then we will check whether we can set the plugin to refresh every 2 minutes instead of 8 seconds.


Spread the freedom!

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