Palestinian AUTIST murdered by Israeli policeman: NO COLLECTIVE BREAKDOWN

The 32-year-old autistic Iyad al-Halaq walked every day, from the home in occupied East Jerusalem where he lived with his parents and sister, to the institution where he had a job.

The institution provides education and guidance to people with 'special needs'.

Last Saturday Iyad al-Halaq made the walk for the last time.

When he arrived at the Lion Gate, a stone's throw from the institution, he was shocked by Israeli border police who told him to stop, but Iyad did not understand them.

He ran away and hid behind a waste container.
The Israeli soldiers chased him and riddled him with seven bullets, he died on the spot.

A command to stop firing was ignored because the shooter said the TARGET was still moving.

It was also claimed that al-Halaq carried a weapon, but this turned out to be a mobile phone in hindsight.

His phone always held al-Halaq in his hand, as agreed with his parents, so he could contact him quickly in an emergency.

Immediately after al-Halaq's assassination, Israeli Security Service Shin Beit also raided his parents' home in search of incriminating material. Nothing was found.

Israel later came up with a second and different statement:

Two soldiers are said to have seen Iyad walk, and after a colleague called it a terrorist, they allegedly gave chase.

A new recruit allegedly shot Iyad al-Halaq with his M16 because Iyad was wearing gloves, and "that looked dangerous," the recruit said.

Meanwhile, Iyad's mother is heartbroken:

'Iyad was an angel who lived with me.
I told him, don't go out today, but he was bored and went anyway.
He had his ID with him and he also had his special corona document in his hand.

The distraught parents swear that their son had no weapon, was not yet able to harm a fly and was afraid of the Israeli occupation forces.

In a heartbreaking video, Al-Halaq's mother calls for justice for her son:

"They killed my son in cold blood," she says with trembling hands.

United List, the coalition of four predominantly Palestinian parties with 15 seats in the Israeli Parliament, is demanding that Israeli police release the images from the security cameras showing the chase.

It is emphasized that the killing of al-Halaq is not an INCIDENT, but part of the Israeli REGIME of occupation and oppression.

RACISM is deeply entrenched in the occupation regime, journalist Gideon Levy argues, and EXECUTING "suspects" who pose no threat is what the troops are TEACHED.

He draws a comparison with Minneapolis:

The Israeli border police are just as cruel and racist as the police in the USA.
Black blood is cheap there, in Israel they like to shoot at Palestinians whose blood is even cheaper.

Several hundred Palestinians and Israelis demonstrated against police violence in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv on Saturday evening.

They carried plates with texts such as 'Justice for Iyad al-Halaq',
'Justice for George Floyd' and 'Palestinian lives matter'.

Shahaf Weinbein, one of the organizers of the demonstration in Jerusalem, called violence against Palestinians "STANDING POLICY," just as violence against blacks in the US is standing policy.

She called for an end to the occupation, as did Meretz party councilor Laura Wharton, who strongly condemned Israeli rule:

'We cannot make peace with those who think they are SUPERIOR to all OTHER races and who think they can get away with everything! Including opening fire just like that !!

United List MP Aida Touma-Suleiman also made the comparison with police brutality in the US:

For anyone angry about the murder of George Floyd, look carefully, an entire nation is suffocated by the occupation of Israel. They cannot breathe!

Ziyad Hammouri, director of the Jerusalem Center for Social and Economic Rights, also draws a comparison with the death of black American George Floyd in Minneapolis last Monday:

Violence by Israeli soldiers and police against Palestinians is commonplace.

The Israeli authorities regularly announce investigations into violent acts, but in practice this only results in a very EXCEPTIONAL manner, and there is an injustice of the victims and impunity for the perpetrators. '

During the illegal Black Lives Matter demonstration last Monday on Dam Square in Amsterdam, Mayor Halsema was parading around with a pricked up anti-slavery button, supposedly as a sign of solidarity with 'oppressed blacks'.

But the brutal Israeli occupation and related police brutality, the Jewish Femke Halsema does not dare to burn her fingers.

Halsema suffers from selective outrage.


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