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You may not know about Pfizer, but I tell you anyway….

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A little earlier than expected, the 'relaxations' are being reversed little by little in various places.

'The' solution from this crisis does not appear to be a solution.

As far as we are concerned, there has never been a crisis, except for the one inflicted on us by those in power. Apparently it was never the intention that there should be a solution at all, because continuing to play this power game she likes all too well.

The CDC (the American RIVM) calls on everyone, including vaccinated people, to wear masks in the indoor areas.

The CDC has also stated that vaccinated people can spread more virus particles than unvaccinated. California has therefore already converted the CDC's recommendation into a general muzzle requirement.

US White House press spokesman Jane Psaki explains it all and was asked why, when vaccines are so effective, vaccinees should wear masks.

Psaki's answer was about the level at which rutte and dejong answer questions: (2nd video)

“Because the CDC's public health leaders have made the determinations based on studying data (computer models). That way we can be sure that they (the vaccinated) are protected, their loved ones are protected and that is an extra step in the contagiousness of the virus.”

(Sorry for the translation, but I can't make sense of what this lady is spouting. But in any case, it is clear that the efficacy of the vaccines is determined by the CDC on the basis of computer models and not on the basis of actual circumstances.)


Where have we seen this kind of nonsense before?

Legal documents also show that Facebook is directly controlled and instructed by the CDC about what messages can and cannot be posted on Facebook.


The UK health ministry has announced that 19% of the COVID-65-related deaths have been vaccinated. There is also a significant increase in the number of hospital admissions among the vaccinated. And England is not alone in this. The cheers and cheers about the number 1 vaccine country in the world, Israel, have also died down.

It may well be that these numbers are not correct at all. The registration of deaths and wrongly attributing to Covid-19 as the cause of death has been extensively and extensively described on CSTV. If they continue in the same way, it makes sense that vaccinated people die just as often as unvaccinated.

I have made an overview for you of the deaths attributed to covid in Spain, France, the Netherlands and

(oh my gosh, how dangerous, no lockdowns, no muzzles, no curfews)         Sweden:

These are the numbers of deaths per 1.000.000 inhabitants.


The CDC has also decided that the PCR test may no longer be used from next year. This is due to too many false positives and the fact that the PCR test cannot distinguish between influenza and SARS viruses. We've known that for a long time and have been saying it for over a year.

Gates and Soros recently bought a company that can administer Covid-19 tests in a different way. Could it be that that purchase may have also played a role in this CDC decision? Would Drosten and his clique not have paid enough bribes to continue using their 'gold standard' PCR fraud? Or am I a conspiracy theorist?

In any case, it has now been admitted that the pcr does not work, but we have been cheated with it for a year and a half. And in Europe I haven't heard anything about the abolition of the pcr test, so that popular delusion will continue here for a while.


I came across a secret agreement from Pfizer.

The contract that Pfizer has signed with a European country. Pfizer has concluded the same type of contracts with all countries that purchase the poison syringes. It has a 10-year embargo. So a duty of confidentiality. But we won't be waiting that long. The contract with the country in question has been leaked. It's a 52-page contract that includes a lot of the usual legal aspects that you find in all contracts. A great deal of attention is also paid to the obligation of confidentiality of the document and its content. And as for the actual content: there are a few striking things in it. I have highlighted a number of them and translated them for you:


The “Vaccine”  includes

(a) any vaccine manufactured or supplied in whole or in part,

directly or indirectly, by or on behalf of Pfizer or BioNTech or any of their affiliates

under this Agreement which are intended for the prevention of the disease in humans

COVID-19 or any other human disease, at least caused by one of the viruses

SARS-CoV-2 and/or any or all related strains, mutations, modifications or derivatives of

the foregoing,

(b) any device, technology or product used in the administration of or around

improve the use or effect of such a vaccine.


First, they already put the word “vaccine” itself in quotes. Is that conscious?

Second, what would they mean by what is stated under (b)? The “vaccine” thus also includes devices and technologies to enhance the effect of “such a vaccine”.

Well, with this passage graphene and 5G conspiracy theorists can get away again, I think.


(b) Buyer acknowledges and agrees that

(i) Pfizer's efforts to develop and

manufacturing of the product are ambitious in nature and subject to significant risks

and uncertainties, and

(ii) the fact that any other drug or vaccine for the prevention, treatment or

cure of a COVID-19 infection is more successfully developed or is authorized earlier,

will not change the granting of Authorization for the Product (the Pfizer syringe) and the current situation of urgent need to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 infection, which poses a serious threat to and adversely affect life and health of the general public.


I had to think long about this passage and its translation. They apparently want to tell something important with it, but not good news, so it's wrapped in a really nice sentence where Pfizer expresses its concern for the well-being and health of you and me. But I think it just says that even if approval is given for any drug or vaccine before the Pfizer syringe, the purchase agreement will remain in effect. Could that be why most governments are so vehemently opposed to HCQ and Ivermectin? Well, anyway, they're stuck with it. Whether it works or not and no matter how the risks turn out. Purchased is purchased, we do not guarantee that.

To clarify the ambiguity of the passage, here is the original English text:


(b) Purchaser acknowledges and agrees that (i) Pfizer's efforts to develop and

manufacture the Product are aspirational in nature and subject to significant risks

and uncertainties, and (ii) the fact that any other drug or vaccine to prevent, treat or

cure COVID-19 infection is successfully developed or granted authorization earlier

than the granting of Authorization for the Product shall not change the current

situation of urgent needs for prevention of the spread of the COVID-19 infection

that poses serious threats to and harmful effects on the lives and health of the

general public.


We go on:


Despite Pfizer's efforts in research, development and

manufacturing, the product may not be successful due to technical, clinical,

regulation, manufacturing, shipping, storage or other problems or failures.

(d) Accordingly, Pfizer and its affiliates shall not be liable for any failure by Pfizer

or its affiliates to develop or obtain authorization of the product… Even if the Product

has not been successfully developed and does not obtain authorization, Pfizer shall not be liable for:

failure to deliver doses in accordance with estimated delivery dates established and

set forth herein, nor shall such failure entitle Buyer to cancel orders for quantities of Product.

(e) Pfizer will keep Buyer informed of the progress of material development of the Product and will provide Buyer with such information about such development as Buyer reasonably requests.


Here is what we already knew, contractually stated: There is no successful and authorized product, except for emergency use. And despite Pfizer's best efforts, the development of product will not be successful.

Why do the ministers of health and the RIVMs of this world never even read such a contract…. Knowledge of English will be a bit too ambitious for Hugo, I think.


5.5 Buyer's Acknowledgment.

The purchaser acknowledges that the vaccine and vaccine materials, and their

components and constituent materials have been developed rapidly due to the emergency situation

circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic and will be further studied after delivery of the vaccine to the purchaser under this agreement.

Buyer further acknowledges that:

the long-term effects and efficacy of the vaccine are currently unknown and that there may be side effects of the vaccine that are currently unknown. be studied after the vaccine is given!

HUGO, stop sniffing, find someone who can translate and read this document for you and stop letting the Dutch people use and poison them as guinea pigs!!!!


For the avoidance of doubt, this (contract) does not include product liability and does not constitute product liability or insurance to cover any third party/patient claims.


We already knew this, of course. Whether the syringe is good for something is not known, whether you experience damage from it, well, that is gradually becoming clear, you are not asked anything, the syringe has to be there, willingly or unwillingly , just in, and for the consequences, yes no one is liable for that. You have to find that out for yourself.


9.6 Condition precedent. The purchaser further undertakes and acknowledges and agrees that the

condition precedent to the effectiveness of this agreement requires that the normative law,

and entering into this Agreement thereunder, shall be ratified by a law of the Albanian

parliament in accordance with Albanian law within ten (10) days from the Effective Date (the



Sure enough, Pfizer just dictates that the law must be changed within 10 days in order for this agreement to pass.


The provisions of this Section 10 (Confidential Information) shall survive termination

or the expiration of this Agreement for a period of ten (10) years, except with respect to:

any information that constitutes a trade secret (as defined by law), in which case the

the recipient of such information remains bound by its obligations under this

Section 10 (Confidential Information) as long as such information remains a trade secret, but in no event for a period of less than ten (10) years.


In theory it should be about your and my health. The syringes are forced on us, we can pay the bill and are also responsible for all damage that may result. But you mustn't know anything about the content of deals made with your country by a company that doesn't exactly have a reputation for diligence when it comes to launching pills and syringes.


Naturally, all social media are busy removing all links and references to this contract.

I originally planned to publish the entire document on CSTV, but we live in such a terribly weird world right now and governments are afraid of nothing or no one. I don't want to jeopardize my own position and that of CSTV, so I've decided not to. Interested parties can report to

What should they do now? What should we do now? All the evidence against the perpetrators of this hoax is slowly piling up, being exposed on all sides. Yet it just keeps going. The politicians, the vets, the mainstream media, they have to squeeze in all sorts of turns to keep selling their stories. I have already explained why the urge to spray is so great. They want to keep the group of unsprayed people as small as possible when the mess breaks out among the 'vaccinated'.

If that were 40% of the population, something it is about at the moment, then the force majeure of the people who will not be affected by this mess would be too great and we would be too dangerous for them.


By now, you can start questioning just about anything. Do the floods in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands have anything to do with the 'climate plan agenda' that must be pushed through? There are those directly involved who have shocking testimonies about water levels and dams, about ignoring warnings about the approaching rainfall, about refusing emergency services.

From an economic point of view, it also seems to be going completely wrong.

The financial system in Europe is on the wane and this is entirely caused by the actions of the European Central Bank and the spending pattern of most EU countries. There also seems to be malicious intent at play. Or would the ECB economists have the same intelligence level as one Hugo de Jonge?


Build Back Better, of course, implicitly also means that you have to break down what we have first. And they are diligently working on it.


Let's stand.


Spread the freedom!

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